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Readers to the Rescue / Graphics and sound / mp3 player

4 replies on 1 page. Most recent reply: Feb 12, 2005 10:59 PM by john bentham
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Topic: mp3 player
[posted on: Feb 11, 2005 7:34 PM by john bentham Reply
I try downloading mp3 music from my PC to my mp3 player,and after 10 secs or so it switches off and I get the message of unable to find path.What am I doing wrong?
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Re: mp3 player
[posted on: Feb 12, 2005 7:21 PM by teclab Reply
John , are you using xp , if so it should find your player / drive . This is what i do to download to my player , i right click on the track and then send it to H drive or G drive. I find realplayer a lot simpler to use . I hope this helps you .
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Re: mp3 player
[posted on: Feb 12, 2005 9:21 PM by john bentham Reply
Thanks ,Ill try real player.
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Inadequate USB bus power?
[posted on: Feb 12, 2005 9:50 PM by Jeff Ross Reply
USB support on many PCs is often problematic and may not function correctly or at all when connected to high current draw devices, such as USB modems, printers, scanners and cameras. There are also several Windows compatibility issues, most notably with Windows XP, as discussed below...

PC USB host controller current limitation problem.
Almost all PCs fitted with USB 1.1 have a single host controller circuit to power all the USB ports. This limits all connected USB devices to a theoretical maximum of 12Mbps (Mega bits per second) of data transfer and 500mA (milli-Amp) of current drain in total. Many PCs with non-Intel chipsets are further restricted by a design flaw in their USB circuits (they are not able to ramp signal voltages fast enough when under load). This is a common cause of erratic USB behaviour, unrecognised devices, dropped drivers and system lock-ups. Problems usually occur with devices which draw a relatively high current from the bus, as described in 'The Hardware - Alcatel SpeedTouch USB': S
>Quote: "Before I start, I'll just say that USB modems suck. Why? If you're using a non-Intel USB slot, any device will want to suck more power from your motherboard than should be allowed. Technically it's not really a problem with the device itself, but the mobo not being able to supply it with the required juice so it shuts down the external device to stop the drain."

For a more detailed explanation see 'The VIA USB Problems Keep Filtering Through':
>Quote: "USB has never been a strong suit for any non-Intel based motherboard. Onboard USB 1.1 function is controlled by the Southbridge of a motherboards chipset. Therefore, Intel boards have Intel USB host controllers and VIA boards have VIA USB host controllers etc.. All newer AMD systems use motherboards with either VIA, ALi, SiS or AMD chipsets. VIA is, by far, the most popular among these platforms and as such, the most problematic.
>Unfortunately, far too many of these screaming, new, highly rated, overclockable, AMD systems are plagued by their inability to provide proper connectivity for USB game controllers, scanners, printers, cameras, modems or even optical mice."
>Making matters worse, VIA has never admitted to having a problem with USB. Alas, the forum boards tell a different story. The USB-IF Public Forum and USBMan Q&A Forum are replete with pleadings from VIA system owners with USB maladies. USBMan even has a special page dedicated to VIA USB.
>From the credit where it's due department: SiS and ALi are equally troublesome when it comes to respective onboard USB offerings. Neither has provided a fix or acknowledges the problem."

Hardware solutions.
Possible remedies are to disconnect other USB devices, to use a shorter USB cable which presents a lower capacitive load, to connect via a self-powered hub or to fit one of the USB PCI cards listed under 'USBMan Tested and Approved USB Devices':

Alternatively, use an Ethernet or FireWire connection where appropriate. These offer better performance and make less demand on the computer's processor.

Windows-USB compatibility issues.
As ever with the Windows PC there are dozens of compatibility issues surrounding USB. Some may be resolved by installing an updated chipset driver or filter. For details of those and possible fixes for other problems see the relevant sections for your 'Operating System' and 'Host Type' (chipset) at USBMan:

Windows XP is particularly problematic. For a list of over 80 articles see 'Known Issues - Microsoft Knowledge Base and Other General Troubleshooting Issues' under 'Windows XP USB Guide':
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Re: Inadequate USB bus power?
[posted on: Feb 12, 2005 10:59 PM by john bentham Reply