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MP3 connection without AUX input without FM mod

Dec 29, 2005 4:59AM PST

Need to hook on my mp3 player but do not wish to go the FM way as that drastically reduces the sound quality. Too bad... my Toyota Corolla 2006; 6 CD changer doesn't have AUX inputs Sad

Have come across several add-ons that create AUX input for the stereo system. Which is the one that a novice could connect based on the step by step instruction provided with the product... you know the DIY kind? I don't wanna pay $100 for the device and another $100 for installation!!

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aux device for mp3
Mar 20, 2007 9:30AM PDT

I recently did a DIY project like this for my 2001 Sienna.

I got a aux adapter for $40 and connected to the cd changer port and I dont have a CD changer. So you'd lose your CD changer if you want to install an AUX device. The aux device will give you rca inputs to which you can hook up any device like mp3, ipod etc.


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aux input for mp3
Mar 26, 2007 5:00AM PDT

I did the same thing. I bought from best buy an rca adapter that plugged into my cd changer port (none present) then purchased an input adapter that would connect the headphones to the rca. Great sound and it cost me less than $30 total. So if you use it to replace your cd changer it should work out great for you and cost substantially less than $200.00.