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Moving Harddrive

WD 60, 7200 rpm hdd, Win XP Pro.

I installed a new motherboard, and since Windows will no longer boot, I understand that its necessary to format and reinstall WinXP.
My question is, what is the best way to approach this.
I have an XP cd and also a slipstreamed XP SP2 cd.
I can't seem to get either to boot. I get "non system disk" error, and "IO error". The cd drive is set first in the boot order, but no go.
I'm sure the cds are in good shape. I can boot both on another machine running XP.
Is there some secret to booting the cd, or will I have to use the floppy six pack to install the OS?
If anyone can enlighten me on this, I would very much appreciate it.

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Reporting: Moving Harddrive
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RE: moving Hard drive

Hi, What type of BIOS does your system have?? Please provide more technical details about your system. This will help to determine how to get the system to boot from the CDROM. Thanks. Depending on the type of motherboard, that is , if it only boots from floppy disks, you may need to have available the 6 WIN XP Startup floppy disks, if the motherboard will NOT boot from the CDROM. Please write back with more details. thanks.

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More Info

Motherboard-Soyo 7IS2, PIII, latest bios v. 2AA2, 1ghz Celeron, 512 mb pc133 sdram, 300 watt psu, cdrom, floppy drive, 16 bit soundblaster, d-link nic. Pretty basic machine.
This computer will boot from cd rom, but it won't boot the Windows cd.
I know that I can use the floppies to install the software, but I was hoping to find some answers why it won't boot xpsp2 cd. It would be much easier.
Thanks for any advice.

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Are you POSITIVE that you...

saved the CMOS settings when you set the boot order? (I ask because it has happened before--go back into the CMOS settings and double check)

Did you verify that you selected the correct CD-ROM? (some show a SCSI and an ATAPI to select from--go back into the CMOS settings and double check)

If you have multiple CD-ROMs or also a DVD have you tried the installation disk in both?

Are you perhaps missing a hint to press a key to boot from the CD? (I have a couple that require this and it is easy to miss).

Last but not least, is the CD a copy rather than an original? Some copies won't boot.

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Are you POSITIVE that you...

Thanks, Ed, for your input.
I did save the settings in the bios. I have repeated the process numerous times.
There is only one cd drive in the machine. It spins up to full speed.
I press Enter when the "Boot from CD" appears. I can hear a sound from the cd drive at that point, as if it trips a switch, but nothing else.
Last the XP Pro cd is the original, while the slipstream SP2 is one that I made from the original.
Could it be an hardware issue? The drive is fairly old, but seems to work well in other situations.
Your advice is much appreciated.

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You need to verify the bootablility (?)....

of the cd drive. Try another CDROM drive.

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Re: Moving Harddrive

It's not clear if the WD 60 has / hasn't windows XP already on it.

Probable it has because you said since Windows will no longer boot. Going further, I understand that its necessary to format and reinstall WinXP it's not correct whoever told you this. Of course that you can install it fresh, but why would you do it if you can preserve what you've already had.

Now, your problem is that your IDE devices seem that are not detected by BIOS. That's why you receive those errors. So, check out again the cable (s), make sure that all IDE channels are enabled in BIOS. Power on PC, and see if the BIOS POST displays the two devices on the screen.

Try different devices installs positions. For example WD on primary master, CD-ROM on secondary master. Check out the jumpers and make sure that the cables are in the right positions and firmly inserted. The idea here it?s that you should fight until the devices are correctly detected in BIOS POST and you're able to boot from CD-ROM with the windows XP CD (preferable the slipstreamed SP2).

Good Luck,


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And piece together the past and the future,

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Moving Harddrive

Centin: Thanks for your reply.
Yes you are correct that WinXP is installed on the drive.
I have checked in the bios, and the drives are properly recognized as configured. Thats why this is puzzling for me. The disk will spin up to full speed and continue spinning, but will not boot.
To update the situation, I have detected another problem with this machine. It has two domed capacitors on the mainboard. No need to re-install the software at this point, until the board is replaced.
I believe this is unrelated to the cdrom problem, but a necessary step.
My new plan is to replace the mainboard, then install a different cd drive, then attempt the install.
Thanks for all the good advice.

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Yes, it makes sense now.Good Luck with the new one Stan [NT]


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you have changed your mother board

did you load your motherboard driver disk........load a 98 boot disk to load your tools on ..that will give you the option to use cd support .opt for that and put your xp disk in.....they all should boot even copys...........ive done loads of them.............the reason that it wont boot from your hard drive is that xp was loaded from your other motherboard so it wont be able to read it


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(NT) (NT) Haven't changed MB Yet.

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