I've always had tape based cameras ( wedding videos as a hobby ), I currently have a canon HV30 (in your price range). You can produse SD or HD video on miniDv.
You will hear about tape being bad, and will die out next year, but your still able to buy VHS tapes, right?
I come across sooooooo many forums of people wondering what to do with all of thier video files, once their computer HD fill up. Also what to do now, that their compter HD has failed and they can't recover thier videos. To me , that's real scarey.
They Canon HV30 or current HV40 are within your price range.
If you want to go with a Flash, SD or hardDrive camera Canon has several in yout price range. But for lowlight, it will be a little harder. I'm a lowlight freak. I use to get mad when I spend 3-400 dollars on a camera, that produced terrible video in my home, under lowlight conditions ( a few lamps). Find a camera that specify manual controls. If the camera has a low light setting that will only produce a ghost like effect.
But the Canon HV awsome.
Good luck