A huge selling feature of that phone is the high data speed connection Verizon rolled out, the EVDO data connection. You may have even gotten a better phone, because you could have got wi-fi which I don't think the Q has yet and spent less.

Anyway, look for an option in your "settings"
then go to "connections"
then go to "connections" again the icon this time
there should be an option for "manage existing connection"
opening that there should be a box/ drop down area that shows your connections...might say something like "my connection" or similar
click the edit button for this....
it may/ should be set for the Ev-Do settings. If there is an option move it to something else, like serial, bluetooth, or other comm setting.
Now, I know this is probably NOT the most technical method, but since it can't connect via bluetooth, serial, or other comm style way, it wouldn't be able to access the internet.

You could also contact tech support..(not sales support) and have them remove you EIN from the data package network, this should eliminate the possiblity of you connecting to the internet. Scan the forum for all the people trying to connect to the internet and have had trouble because their phone wasn't set up initially for it.