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Motherboard Died, Got New One, No OS, HELP!!!

I have an <a href="">hp pavillion media center m8530f desktop pc</a> with a <a href="">gtx 260 graphics card</a>, and an <a href="">ocz700sxs power supply</a>. I also added an extra gigabyte of RAM. It was running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Anyways there was a problem with my motherboard so i got a new one, an <a href="">ASUS M4A78L-M</a>. It came with an <a href="">AMD Athlon II processor triple core</a>. My problem is that I don't know what to do in regards to having an OS. I cant upgrade without doing a clean install, but i cant backup my data because i dont have the means to do so. Please let me know what to do, and thanks in advance.

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Reporting: Motherboard Died, Got New One, No OS, HELP!!!
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well that was a crappy attempt at a post. let me try again.

I have an hp pavillion media center m8530f desktop pc

with a gtx 260 graphics card,

and an ocz700sxs power supply.

I also added an extra gigabyte of RAM, total 5. It was running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Anyways there was a problem with my motherboard so i got a new one, an ASUS M4A78L-M.">ASUS M4A78L-M

It came with an AMD Athlon II processor triple core.

My problem is that I don't know what to do in regards to having an OS. I cant upgrade without doing a clean install, but i cant backup my data because i dont have the means to do so. Please let me know what to do, and thanks in advance.

I think its better than first. Not even going to try to hyperlink.

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About edit.

You can PREVIEW POST when you want to get fancy. There is no need to edit posts here. And why has been answered many times. Suffice it to say you can ask for a delete but there will be no edit today.

Back to the issues.

1. No OS?

The HP supplied OS is locked to the machine or motherboard. When it dies, so does that license. Nothing new here but surprises many. Here's a link about that ->

2. Backup.

In your case I think the best idea is to pull the hard drive and set it aside for use later. In short, install a new drive and install your new OS on that.

3. Many are caught in this trap. It's been discussed before and changing the motherboard on OEM machines does cost more than most expected.

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current situation

well i have a windows 7 disc and an extra hard drive but its on an xp system. Is there a way to use that in any way? my xp system is slow but it works. btw this is my first post so i didnt know bout nuthin. please reply as quikly as possible. thnks

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Why not copy the files from the old HD to the XP system?

Seems you do have some options but choosing to have no backup is well discussed so I won't write more about that.

-> Why not add the hard drive with files you haven't saved to the XP system via internal, USB cases or such and copy out what you didn't backup?

Also given the price of hard drives why not a new hard drive?

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can i just plug my vista drive into my xp system then back it up there?

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You won't know

Till you try. Some want to know the future but the forecast is cloudy.

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I took my vista drive and plugged it in to my xp system and it ended up messing up that computer! It stays on the "starting up" opening page! What do I do now?!?!?!?To make it even worse I have by today to fix it!PLEASE HELP!

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I seriously need this soon only have about another hour!

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Times up...

I have to go now. I messed up my lenovo pc and i still havent made progress with my hp. to make it worse my father uses the lenovo for work. so he doesnt have a computer. im just going to clean install both.

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Sounds like

You tried to boot from the Vista drive. When we move drives like that I like to be sure which is the boot drive. For those that can't be sure I suggest USB cases.

Usually all that is needed to return the machine to normal is to unplug the drive we just installed.

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Didnt work

Even after i unplugged the vista drive and had only the xp connected the pc would still not boot up.

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Too vague.

Without error messages I can't offer any suggestion here. It could be as simple as the other drive's connections were disturbed and need plugging in.

Many panic too fast over this but given the long story above maybe it's time to pack it all up and go to the shop where you get your stuff fixed?

Seems to me the first plan would have been better where we put in a new hard drive, install to the and add the old drive. Certainly a well worn solution.

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quik questiion

can you install windows 7 on two hard drives with one disc?

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I've never tried that!

When I have a drive I don't want to touch I leave that disconnected and install the OS to the installed hard drive. After I have a working OS I shut down, pull the power and connect up the second drive. I boot up (off the correct drive) and then about 99% of the time I can access the old drive's files.

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what i was planning on doing was going to buy a 1tb hard drive, connect it to the pc and install win 7 and get it running. then i would connect my other drive as a secondary drive and move the files in there to the 1tb. i would then wipe the secondary and install win 7 on it. then i would tranfer the files back over to the non-1tb drive. i will wipe the 1tb one clean and return it getting a refund (unfortunately there will probably be a deduction), and i will only have spent the amoutn deducted +tax. does this sound good?

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I'm at a loss for words here. Therefore I will not comment on that.

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does this help any?
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Nobody knows if you can install windows 7 on two drives?

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You know you think this would be a very simple question.

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Correct me if I misunderstand.

You are going to purchase a 1 TB drive from some retail outlet, do all the installs and file transfers you are proposing to do, delete the files off the 1 TB drive, then return it to the retail outlet and 'for some reason', claim a refund.

Have I understood this properly? This whole discussion is muddled, but I think I have grasped it.

Forum Policy - Piracy or unlawful activities is what you need to read and understand now. I consider what you propose is likely to be unlawful. You intend to defraud the retail outlet, and for that reasons no more help can be offered in these forums.

This discussion is locked. If you feel I have misunderstood, you can explain by contacting me through the "Report offensive Post" link at the bottom of this post.


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I received your email.

"If I plan on keeping the hard drive instead will you unlock the thread?"

Sorry, No.

Sufficient information was given to you in this thread before you disclosed your intentions, and that is as far as this discussion can go.

The thread remains locked.


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