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More nice news, if it works out.

"China says corruption campaign has gained 'crushing momentum'" from Reuters. No link, but it's current.
This practically in re Chinese news, but I've seen so many like it that MAYBE it will work this ti.e

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Reporting: More nice news, if it works out.
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practilly boilerplate in re China...


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Anyway, corruption is endemic in the world, but if a huge

economy like China's can accomplish it, it will free up much more of a very scarce resource- money. Gotta help, right?

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China's corruption

begins at the very top of the country which has forced the majority of its people to live at the bottom of the 'food chain'. The only reforms against corruption I can see that would work is if the very top doesn't benefit from the 'extra' money but that those at the bottom get it. Right now it looks like the top is going to reach into the pockets of those directly under them and put the goodies into the pockets of the top again.

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The Reuters story said the Tops are worried

about just that. Even the most iron-clad government needs a minimum level of cooperation from its serviles. The internet has changed things. Anyway, doesn't look good elsewhere. See the latest on the Navy's problems with one of its overseas contractors, and Finland's with its former police chief.

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You can another USA corruption to the list

James Clapper, head of "Intelligence" is now attempting to investigate the "Russian hacking" our "election" before he leaves office on Jan 20.........this is the SAME Clapper who lied to Congress during the NSA investigation of millions of people having their data collected and stored. He said it didn't happen 'willingly'........

This entire administration can't leave fast enough for me........every dept/agency has been corrupted from the top positions running them.

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RE:every dept/agency has been corrupted from the top

every dept/agency has been corrupted from the top positions running them.

Yeah..they're ALL corrupt....AND they were going to do more of the same...Do you feel like you were suckered?

TheRUMP is going to be busy taking care of "the kids", never mind running the country.

US Republicans have withdrawn a proposal to bring an independent ethics watchdog under the control of Congress members. Criticism for the move came not just from Democrats, but also from President-elect Donald Trump.

The Democrats and ONE Republican/TheRUMP? AGAINST?

US House Republicans retracted their plans to gut an independent congressional ethics board on Tuesday.

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What's your point?

He specifically RAN on the platform of "Drain the Swamp" and this secretive move by House Reps literally would have blown that promise all to hell. They immediately backed off that bill, even though Ryan and McCarthy voted against it, they allowed it to go to a vote. Makes you wonder though how many OTHER Reps/Dems were/are under investigation by that Committee and thought they would be protected if it was gone?

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RE:secretive move by House Reps

this secretive move by House Reps literally would have blown that promise all to hell.

TheRUMP is going to need some help...all the Republicans that got elected went behind the leaders (TheRUMP) back ...the people that voted for the Republicans should be outraged.....

What's your point?

As I said previously.....

TheRUMP is going to be busy taking care of "the kids", never mind running the country.

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let me explain

the move was to do away with independent watchdog group and basically turn it political in Congress, something to be wrangled over by either side every time it found someone on one side or the other violated ethics in government. Now, normally I'm all for less bureaucracy, but considering what's been going on lately, might be better to have ethics panel that can be independent to some extent. Look at all the crimes going on in the Obama admin, especially with Hillary's group of associates, it would have been great to have an independent prosecutor looking into it, instead of Loretta Young who is party bound.

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Your Representatives, don't they take an oath

to do certain things which include ethical behavior. Is the oath taken 'before God' or some such? If that's the case, what more can an "Ethics Watchdog" do?

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Trump saw that outrage from his

supporters/voters immediately and reined the Reps in the House back in with nothing more than a Tweet........I don't know how much 'help' you think he's going to need when a great majority of what he ran on has already been agreed to by the House and Senate Rep members, and even a few Dems from both Houses. He'll get much more accomplished quickly than the liberals will give him credit for because none of it is within their agendas....and they'll lose again and again. He isn't going to have to 'take care of the kids'....that's going to be the job of Ryan and McConnell and 'business as usual' of those leaders threatening and browbeating new members into submission is going to end badly for both of them if they don't allow those members to have a voice like they did with the newer Tea Party members years ago.

Yes, there will be disagreements; however, when you have a President Trump who doesn't have a problem with using his Tweet to get to the PEOPLE and those PEOPLE are calling members' offices over and over and will embarrass you publicly, I believe those members will ALL get the message quickly, if they haven't already. He has a MANDATE and they ALL know what his priorities are and although some compromises will be made both ways, a large majority of what he wants, he will get.

I've stated before, ANY relationship (personal, business, or political) if you are getting 90% of what you want, do you throw it all away over a 10% negative or do you actually compromise? BO wouldn't do it because it's not his way to bend backwards...he ONLY knows how to 'assume the position' for leaders of OTHER countries rather bend even a little bit in the other direction towards his OWN countrymen who really DO represent checks and balances. Being a businessman and HAVING to compromise thousands of times over his career, he's intelligent enough to know that that's all part of the 'art of the deal'. BO lived in a bubble his entire life and was catered to by everyone including the media so he never learned that lesson and still hasn't since he's convinced he still has a voice that people will listen to which is why he's going to be living just a few blocks from the House he hopes to reclaim some day via Michelle possibly running for president and furthering his agendas....shades of the Clinton Machine dreams. He'll fail again, but he doesn't believe that even a little bit.

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you don't even understand what that means

You think it's opposite of what it is. ROFLMBO!!!

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I think the solution is good

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(NT) It didn't.

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