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moransound "reconsidering purchase of htc6930"

I am new here so hello to everyone.

I am taking delivery of a new samsung ue55c8000 tv next week
and was about to order a htc6930 home cinema system for it but after reading some of the connection problems talked about here i am having serious doubs about it. Can it be right that a system costing so much money can be causing people so much trouble. Could anyone reasure me about purhasing this system as i realy liked the idea of owning it.

Also can someone tell me if the tallboy speakers are the rear wireles ones and if not can they be adapted for use at the rear
as i will not have space at the front because of the tv size and positiong in the room

Kind regards in anticipation of any replies

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Reporting: moransound "reconsidering purchase of htc6930"
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moransound "reconsidering purchase of htc6930"


I'm sorry to hear that you're seeing some negativity on the product. Since we host an open forum, questions, problems and even customer service issues from customers (globally) can, and do appear here. Unfortunately the balance of happy customers enjoying their products doesn't often appear here, since they're.. well, enjoying their systems. Of course - I'm glad we're here answering the questions and hearing the feedback, and hopefully we can help you know if this will work for you - or not.

The tallboy speakers would be the front speakers by design, since a majority of the sound will come from the front and center channels. The wireless module is for the surround (side) speakers, and not the rear speakers.

The tallboys can go in the back if you want them to, but they won't be wireless, and switching from the "side R/L" to "rear R/L" is not possible.

Does that help answer your question?


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reconsidering purchase of samsung htc6930

Hi hd tech,

Thanks for your reply but due to further reading and the massive amount of reported
problems with 46inch tv sets going on and off and talk of class actions and denials of problems by samsung i am very worried, especialy as i have just ordered a ue55c8000 tv from John Lewis. They are giving a 5 year warranty which offers some peace of mind but who needs the hassle of constant interuption and repair work.

I am afraid in light of so many negitive comments i can't take a chance on the htc6930 home cinama system and maybe even have to consider the return of the tv during the cooling off period,if i hear of similar problems with this model, which i am now trying to assertain.

Anyone having problems with the ue55c8000 yet?

Let me say in conclusion that i am amazed that a company can recieve such negativity
on its forum and appear not to be owning up to its manufacturing faults. In or out of warranty these faults should be put right by any reputable company and dare i say offer customers some form of token compensation. I cant see me buying anymore Samsung products in future unless there is a major shift in policy.

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Those BAD CAPS problems are not limited to any make.

Try this. On google or a search engine try BAD CAPS. You should find out the real story about a stolen formula and the billions of dollars damage done to the industry. Anyone that thinks that one make or another wasn't hit with this is not doing their research.

Because of this I have changed my view on extended warranties. If it's a big investment, consider 4 or more year warranties.

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bad caps

Bob, thank you so much for your reply.

Do you think this bad caps issue will still be a problem for the latest samsung ue55c8000 tv. or will they have sorted it by now. I want this item and have paid for it but i am afraid of so much bother in the future and still have the option to cancel.

Kind regards. Tony

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If you did your research.

You find it's nearly impossible to get rid of this problem. If a maker did design out electrolytic capacitors the cost would be so high that you would not buy the product. And the sad story continues with those that made these bad caps are quite adept at counterfeiting the labels to make it look like another maker's parts.

I fear the only solution is longer warranties.

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bad caps issue


Thanks again you have helped me a lot

I'll leave it there mate and cancel the tv. I don't fancy parting with the best part of three grand with so much uncertainty. I never realised there was such a problem as bad capacitors. I have had a 50inch Toshiba now for about 7 or 8 years with no trouble and still going strong so i will wait awhile and reconsider.

Kind regards and thanks again. Tony

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Wise decision

I think you have made a wise decision.

It is not just the level of problems seen here, but more so the lack of support offered by Samsung's technical support.

Most people will acknowledge that problems do appear with electronic equipment. When they occur, you expect manufacturers to stand by their products and support them. A consumer does not expect to be left in the cold (and out of pocket) when you have last year's model and therefore no upgrade is available or some faulty batch of components leaves your set spasming after a year or even two or a firmware upgrade reduces functionality.

Most products, today, are driven by microprocessors. As a result, upgrades and fixes are made available by most manufacturers to enhance features and rectify program errors. Someone mentioned this in a discussion earlier. Take, for example Apple, it has 85+ million (as of Apr 2010) iPhones and iPod Touches in 3 or 4 generations of hardware that are still upgradable (with the exception of some 1st generation products) and certainly supported.

Samsung, on the other hand, are treating its customers and their problems with contempt. And they haven't quite woken up to the fact that if you offer a product that is smart, that has add-on applications and is generally upgradeable and repairable with a software fix, the consumer has every right to expect (within reason) that their product will be enhanced and errors will be fixed - not shunned because the product is a year old.

Like you, I am going to shy away from Samsung products in the future.

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