Monitors Losing Signal / System Freezing

Please help. I have tried everything I can think of to solve this problem with no success. It is obviously above my pay grade so I’m calling on people smarter than I am.

My computer has been randomly freezing, at least once a day, sometimes 5+ times a day. The only way to recover from this problem is to disconnect the power, reconnect and reboot.

1. My monitors will randomly go blank, and then show no signal. After 10+ seconds, sometimes the monitors will regain signal and the system operates normally.
2. Other times my monitors will go blank, show no signal, will not regain signal and remain blank. The system appears to still have power as the lights on the motherboard, monitors and my video card are all lit. But the system acts as if it is frozen and will not operate unless I restart.
3. Sometimes my monitors freeze showing the last thing to appear on the screen, except with random horizontal lines running through the image. (See attached screen shot) The system appears to still have power as the lights on the motherboard, monitors and my video card are all lit. But the system acts as if it is frozen and will not operate unless I restart.

1. The symptoms above occurred with two different computer systems.
2. Every piece of hardware in my new system is brand new except the following which were transferred from the old system to the new one:
a. PNY CS1311 480g SSD (contains Win 10 Operating System)
Note: This drive contained Win 7 in the previous system
b. ST2000DM001-1ER164 (Data Drive G)
c. ST3100052BAS (Data Drive L)
d. 650w power supply
3. Items 1 & 2 above lead me to believe one of the following could be the source of the problem since they seem to be the only variables contained in both computer systems:
a. One of the 4 components from the original computer system may be causing the problem.
b. Power fluctuations from the wall outlet may be causing the problem, since it is happening on two different machines.

1. (Unsuccessful) I purchased a Cyber Power Battery Backup system with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to eliminate any potential power fluctuations. Didn’t work. So I’m assuming the problem is NOT power fluctuations from the wall outlet.
2. (Unsuccessful) The power supply from the old system may be faulty. I replaced it with another 650w power supply from a working system. Didn’t work, problem still occuring.
3. (Unsuccessful) I researched the power demands of my new system and discovered 650w barely met the systems needs so I purchased a new Evga 1050g which I believe has more than enough power to supply my system’s needs. Didn’t work, problem still occurring.
4. (Unsuccessful) I ran CHKDSK on both data drives. “CHKDSK G: /F /R /X” Drive “L” completed successfully with no problems found. Drive “G” completes stages 1-4 successfully but errors out on stage 5. “An unspecified error occurred (766f6c756d652e63 470)” I ran it twice, same error both times. So I disconnected this drive from the machine hoping it was the source of the problem. It wasn’t, problem still occurs. Because drive “L” submitted no errors I assume it is not the source of the problem.
5. (Unsuccessful) I ran SSDLIFE PRO on the SSD C: drive. (S.M.A.R.T.) I do not completely understand the results but get the overall impression “The disk is healthy” since it states right at the top of the results page “The disk is healthy.” See screen shot of the results below.

At this point I am out of ideas. I assume it still may be the SSD drive since I don’t completely understand the results, but if that is the problem, I don’t know how to fix it outside of just buying a new drive and reinstalling everything. I would prefer not to do that unless someone with more knowledge than I suggest it is my next step.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Additional screen shots with information you may need is posted below.
SSDlife Pro Screen Shot 1

SSDlife Pro screen shot 2

PCPartPickers List of Components in this computer

Device Manager Screen Shots

Frozen Screen Shot

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To make that readable, how about a Web Speccy report?
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To make that readable & Remove both Seagate Drives

I just assumed people would use "CTRL +/-" to increase the zoom until the attachments are legible. Also regarding removing the seagate drives: I have removed the one with the problems to not avail, but I will remove both and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the suggestion.

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As that affects my browser settings I don't do that.

Call me lazy but this is free support and discussion so most of us ask you make it easy for us. If you had just linked those, I could have had them all in tabs in seconds but this fancy post actually made for more work.

A Web Speccy report would be nice and what we're using to get a lot of the details without a lot of work on the member's part.

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That first shot. It's a doozy.

1. Screen shot is typical of a crashing or bad GPU.
2. The other shots share a lot of detail but misses a lot of what a Web Speccy could tell the forum members. I don't want to belabor this but it's been a nice tool to in one shot get almost all the questions about the hardware and some software too.

3. The PSU looks fine, not suspect.

4. The frozen screen shot is again telling me to pull the GPU and try onboard for a test run. Why the GPU does that is not in this set of clues. Could be another PC in a nano case or overclocking.

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Speccy Report
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Speccy Report

Wow that Speccy report is incredibly detailed, and super fast and easy to obtain. I wish I had known about that a long time ago. Thank you.

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Both Seagates Removed Still shuts down

I removed both Seagate drives per your recommendation and the machine has shut down 3 times in less than an hour. That makes 8 times just today. 5 prior to the removal of the drives and 3 after. The only program my son was using was League of Legends. Hope that helps you with the diagnosis.

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Reading the Speccy. My thoughts.

Remember I read from top to bottom and share what I might change. I'll put in bold what seems more important and then add "this is highly suspect." Take this with salt. That is, I'll look it over as what I'd do to try to avoid calling it a hardware failure first. Not that I think it is or is not yet (the first screen shot is typical of GPU troubles.)

OK, reading the Speccy.

1. Snagit. Nothing bad here but it does hook into the video system. I'd uninstall for now.
Just a link. Snagit does crash in 2016 so while working this, set it aside.

2. Act for Windows. This one and I have history. A lot of it from my years in Richmond, BC Canada where they had offices. Never could figure out why they had so many troubles. If it's not too hard, stop this service. Not high on my suspect list but could be optional while we pare down to simple as can be.
2a. Just saw SQLserver in the mix. Reports were the SQL Act system was more stable. Let's do nothing now with this.

3. Teamviewer. Another hook in the video system. Remove for now.

4. BIOS is version 3.30. I see 3.40 at but here is why I call this out. 3.30 is not listed. This usually is a sign they don't want folk to run it. Check to see if I got the right board.

5. DNS is great. Nice to see that. Just a note.

There's not much to look at in the report. Just toss Snagit and Teamviewer then test.
The BIOS is something I'd update because 3.30 was not at the site. Remember I could be looking at the wrong board but when you find a version not on the maker's site, they usually have a reason.

Again, very clean. Good work.

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Bios Updated, Teamviewer & Snagit 12 Uninstalled,

I have updated the Bios to 3.4 and uninstalled teamviewer and snagit 12 per your suggestions. Unfortunately the machine is still crashing. On to the next idea I guess.

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We are trying to avoid what it is most likely. (Hardware)

Try the memory test but also try it with 2 sticks of memory.

I didn't get into the crash because it didn't look to be in a game but on the desktop. I wonder if the MEDIA SERVER is crashing behind the scene. That sort of crash is hard to pinpoint but can happen as the decoders sometimes have bugs.

Is there an easy way to shut down Plex and media servers?

The machine other than that looks clean to me and if memory (2 sticks) and server tests don't pay off the glaring item is that screen shot with the corrupted video.

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Try this procedure

Try this procedure:
Unplug the PC and open it up. Clean out all the dust. Carefully remove and replace all the cables going to the motherboard one at a time. Do the same for the memory dims and the video and sound cards if you have any. You might want to buy a can of compressed air to blow the dust out of the CPU heat sink. Plug your PC back in and give it a go.

Try this bootable memory diagnostic CD. Download memtest86 iso file and burn it to disk using ImgBurn.

When a monitor keeps losing the video signal it might be a bad video card.

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Memory Test Ran - Passed

Here is the screen shot of the memory test. If I am reading it correctly the test ran 10 times with no errors. I purchase a can of air this morning. I will remove every spec of dust right now.

NOTE: Lately I have been uploading a lot of photo's to shutterfly from my G: drive. I have noticed that the computer crashes much more frequently when I am uploading the photo's. I'm not sure if that helps anyone or not. Thanks to everyone for your help so far.

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That screen shot shows you have not completed the first pass yet.

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Hmmm. I must be reading it incorrectly then. I thought it ran the test 10 times because the "Pass%" row counted from 0% to 100% 10 times and the "Test%" counted from 0% to 100% to many times to count. It ran for just over 2 hours. How do I tell when it is complete?

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There is no complete it's a never ending test.
It runs a series of test through the ram (that's a pass) and then starts over.
Watch the pass count and error count.

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Computer Cleaned and dust free

I have done just as you asked. "Clean out all the dust. Carefully remove and replace all the cables going to the motherboard one at a time. Do the same for the memory dims and the video and sound cards if you have any. " Used a can of compressed air. There wasn't very much since the machine is less than 2 months old, but I am so frustrated with this problem that I will try anything. I'll let you know if/when it crashes again.

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Computer Cleaned and dust free - Still crashes

As the title says it still crashes so here is what I have done. As I mentioned before there were 3 hard drives transferred from the old machine, which also had this problem, to the new one. I already removed two of those drives (the seagates) and the system still crashes. I just removed the last one. The PNY 480g SSD C: drive, and put in a new Samsung 850 EVO 500g, and reinstalled windows. So far I have been up and running without crashing for about 3 hours. If I go the entire day without a crash, I will install a new piece of software once a day in an effort to find out if it was the drive or a piece of software causing the crash.

Please let me know if this is sound logic or if there is a better way. Thanks again for everyones help.

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That's good news.

While I have suspects like the video server, why is a little long to explain. Mostly due to history of CODECs that leak and crash taking down Windows. This is an old issue, one that hasn't really been addressed by Microsoft. It's gotten better but I still encounter it once in a while.

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Will install Plex Video Server First

Good to know. I will re-install Plex video server first to see if that is the culprit and let you know if it starts crashing again.

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Not a single crash for 7 day

Much of my software has been reinstalled, but not all. See speccy report below.

I will continue to install the remaining software slowly so I can monitor any unwanted effects. Thanks again to everyone for their help. Please let me know if you have any other recommendations for my system.

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Sorry but the malware or worse I've seen folk catch with that is amazing. Some are rootkits and the tools I noted above would not find the kits.

If you are going to torrent, check out deluge but that won't stop folk from downloading some crack or bad app.

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I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation and warning.

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