These are kind of a pain if you dont repair laptops.. The video card is a plug in card/socketed and be sure the screwholes are aligned, or you can see clearly through to the bottom plastic before trying to seat it. Then press down where it says "PRESS" Also the video connecor cable could be not seated correctly, These can be the same type of problem for the first timers. Just back-track your work, Take your time, Be sure the CPU didnt come out still stuck to the heatsink,(If it did you need to reseat by removal and unlocking the small screw on the board socket).. Just some simple tips prior to tossing in the dumpster..Theyre a pretty good unit as long as the jack doesnt fail and you keep them cool.. (ASK BOB PROFFITT ABOUT YEARLY CLEANINGS AS WELL AS PROCEDURES)!! Ive seen him post a hundred times here, Simple maintenence that will have your laptop take Tylenol "prior" to future pains.. Food for thought.. Ken