No, the "drivers" that come on the CD really aren't drivers, just color profiles. There are no drivers for monitors, except maybe touch screen models.

There are also no bulbs in monitors. CRT monitors work just like older TVs. There are a couple of electron guns that shoot streams of electrons at the phosphorous coating on the back side of the monitor screen. It glows, creating color. LCDs work by exciting strands of liquid crystal until they glow a certain color.

And the main thing that affects the longevity of a monitor, LCD or CRT, is how its treated. Treat a monitor well, it will last a long time, save any manufacturing defects. Treat it poorly, and you'll have to replace it very quickly. The manual, which is usually included on the bundled CD, will have some guidelines for dos and don'ts with a monitor, but it's the same as almost any other electronic device.