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I hope I can explain my problem and someone might know how I can fix it.
I have an Compaq V720 monitor and a HP computer.
My problem is that some of the information boxes or online games I play do not look the same as they do on my other computer. In some cases the writing in the box is not where it should be and I can't click on boxes to continue things such as registration of sites as I can't click on a yes or no box because they are not there. I have no problem on my other computer. One online game I play is all squeeze in on this computer but on my other it is displayed alright.
I am wondering if I need to download new drivers or is a setting change that needs to be changed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Thanks Susan

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The difference...

...will possibly be the graphics options you have set on each computer. You mave have to make sure both the resolution and the refresh rates are the same for both computers, and all the software you're using.

1) right click on an unused part of the desktop
2) select "Properties" from the pop up menu
3) click the "Settings" tab (you can see and alter the resolutions here too)
4) click the "Advanced" button
5) click the "Monitor" tab

You should see the "Screen refresh rate" drop down slot. At each desktop resolution this can change. If your computers use different refresh rates for different resolutions (these change automatically to the setting you have in each of your games) that confuses the alignment in a monitor. Try to set them to something similar (60Hz is usually standard across all graphics and monitor hardware), and make sure the same goes for the games you play.

Alternatively play games in a window rather than full screen (again an otion in one of the game's setup screens). This means they don't resize the display, or alter the refresh rates.

Good luck,


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Thanks but it didn't change anything

I try what you suggested and it didn't help as it was already set a 60. Thanks Susan

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I think.

60Hz is the default refresh for the desktop, altering it, (?) won't do anything because it's only the games that automatically change resolutions as they pop into full screen.

Both computers work fine when they are locked onto the standard 60Hz the difference is almost certainly occuring as the games are alter the resolution! Altering resolutions usually alters refresh rate too, and this combination is confusing you're poor monitor! Wink

Running games in a desktop window avoids all this very easily, because the desktop res and refresh rates are manually set by the user!

Using the steps I listed before, set the desktop resolutions to the same that the games' use, and if the refresh changes from the default manually set both back to 60Hz, and apply the changes. You're trying to train your computer into using 60Hz refresh rates for the resolutions the games use.

Hopefully once your computers have been told to show whatever resolutions @ 60Hz, the games will do the same.

Good luck,


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I understand but

I understand but the problem is that pages from the internet do not load properly. They don't fill the screen, some appear to be squeeze together and some don't load all the page so you can't move ahead as you can't click on commands. Understand what you are saying about refresh rates but this is more a display problem. I don't think solitaire has to have a very high refresh rate.

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Ah ha, a little bit more detail...

...than "online gaming". So it's not games being played online, but online games playing in a browser! Without specific details it's hard to guess accurately. Wink

Games you see problems with?
Browser and version you are using?
If these games are played online in a browser, provide two URL's with examples of the problems, and differences.
Have you tried another browser to confirm that's not the sole root of the problem?

See it's now a whole different kettle of fish to "screen resizing while gaming online", and it's certinaly not the refresh rate now! Happy

Full info is all...


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A Little More Info.

I said I didn't know if I could explain it right. I have only one url as I use that computer when the kids are home as my set up is in the guest room. It is The problem is that the game play area stays small while on my Dell it is full screen. You have the playing area and then nothing but a bunch of yellow screen around it. I hope this helps. It is so annoying when I am awake in the night and I have to look at that small area. Thanks again! Susan

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I tried the site... mentioned, and it doesn't exactly give a lot (it gives none!) of advice on overcoming problems! Wink

So throwing caution to the wind, I trawled through game after game link, looking for one that would let me play as a guest. I finally found "Ocean Express" without any registering nonsense, or here we go!

The window which pops open uses both Java (for the chat area) and Flash (for the game) and is sized to 640 x 480. The Flash (game) itself is even smaller and not resizable, as these sizes are fixed both by the HTML code, and the Flash game itself. How small the game appears to each player, depends on the desktop resolutions you are using. Happy

If the Dell uses a low desktop resolution this would be immediately apparent by it showing a large game playing window and Flash game. If the other PC uses a much higher desktop resolution than the Dell, that game area will appear to be even smaller!

There really isn't much to be done about it, other than changing the desktop resolution to a lower setting before you play, to make these small games appear larger (see the first answer! Wink ). Many other sites such as have similar flash games, and the few I've seen over there have "full screen" buttons, which allow them to use the whole viewing area.

Personally speaking I find :

To be one of the best flash game sites (no problems with small games, or downloads, or installing things, or registering) and the lighthearted simple games are a good way to wind down in the early hours (if I'm not posting here) of the morning.

Good luck,


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Try It

I try what you suggested and it made a change when I lower the resolution. But it is bother to have to do it all the time so I will just put up with it when I am on that computer. Thanks for all your help. Susan

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