her spinal anesthesia. It's not a pleasant procedure inserting a largish bore needle between the vertebrae into the intra-spinal space and being a doctor doesn't help when you're not in control. However she said that it wasn't as unpleasant as having the anesthetist attach a scalp clip to the baby's head in utero to facilitate fetal monitoring before and during delivery. In other words she would have been much happier having the spinal first. Regrettably we had opted for "natural childbirth" over the salad tongs and that meant no spinal. Robbie was disinclined to leave his comfortable spot and the longer her difficulties went on the more inclined he was to drop his heart rate (a bad sign), so she was moved to the delivery room for forceps delivery in a rather swift fashion. Turns out he had his right hand up around his right ear as if talking on the telephone and this extra obstruction prevented an earlier delivery. His arm was rather squashed looking when he came out but everything is fine now except he doesn't have much of a curve ball. He's 17.

Rob Boyter