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Molly is killing the show

You know Buzz Out Loud was a great Podcast at one time but lately it has turned into this ***** out session. I listen to it maybe once a week now. I miss Veronica I think she was the best thing on BOL. Although I still love Tom, he needs a better sidekick, Molly since her return is killing the show. I think show would be better if it were Tom and Brian Cooly or Rafe Needlemen. Molly needs a time out.

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Reporting: Molly is killing the show
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I don't think Molly is beyond redemption though.

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You are right

I like Molly, I think she is smart and funny but her constant ranting over Apple is getting old. I wish she would drop it. You can plainly see she is doing it to draw attention to the show. Her comments after the show yesterday were "Go ahead send me your emails about my comments" If I wanted to hear bitching and moaning I would listen to Jerry Springer, but I tune in to hear tech talk.

I'll tell you what TWIT is just killing CNET.

Go back to being the open mined Molly you once were

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She hasn't changed...

If you have such a problem with her, why did you start listening to the podcast anyways???

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Problem with her

In the past she has always been very good, using her tech knowledge was very interesting, but recently all she does in complain and ***** about Apple, if she hates them so much why even talk about them, listening to the same bitching all the time is BORING. Like I said, I use to listen to the show everyday and it was good. But not I occationally listen and everytime it's an Apple ***** out. It gets boring hearing her complain about the same thing over and over.

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Please don't cry, Baby.

Are you crying because that mean lady talked bad about a company that makes products you own or want to own?

Shhhhhh...don't'll be OK. Just press the STOP button on your iPod. The mean lady can't hurt you if you don't press PLAY.

Here a big shiny video for you to watch 'till you can stop crying.

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not very constructive

no need to condescend

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I know but....

He's suggesting that Molly should love Apple because he loves Apple.
That's just not a sane idea for an adult to have.

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Yes, but it was funny

Oh come on! Admit it. THAT WAS FUNNY! If anything, we NEED to laugh a bit.

Folks are getting bent out of shape and saying that Molly's anti-Apple?!? She just got back this week after vacation, Apple's just done something bad enough for Steve Jobs to apologize for (in a way that's a bit backhanded, but a lot of you are okay with THAT), and she's not supposed to point it out?!? Don't you folks listen to BOL for this very reason?

After awhile you have to stop and ask yourself, "Is it really MOLLY that I'm so upset with?"

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Lunch With Molly

If I worked next door to You, or Molly, I think it's Molly I'd do lunch with. What a riot.

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I agree.

And since I do... I did.

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I think that should be a contest prize.

Free lunch with TomMolly*

*airfare not included.

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What does that mean

Your comments don't even make sence, are you just posting to post?

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Let me help you translate my comments.

Molly is interesting. I like her rants. I tend to agree with her rants. She is a lot of fun to listen too. She would be fun to have lunch with. So much fun it would be a complete kick in the pants.

In other words, I like her on the show just fine. However your post is not fun, you would not be fun to have lunch with and I would not want to listen to you on the show. You also can't take a less than subtle hint.

PS Of course I'm posting to post because I enjoy that as well. Just like you appear to enjoy posting complaints about Molly.

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The balance has been disturbed....

They need a third person to restore the "energy" or balance of the show since losing Veronica.

Show worked best when it was the three of them.

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I always found Veronica way more annoying than anyone else on the show, she was always acting like she thought she was cute, and I'm sure the hordes of adoring tech nerds stalking her online (I work with one) didn't help keep her ego in check. The singing, the cutsie s, glad its over.
Molly's got her flaws too, I'm sure its hard to keep it fresh while making a daily show. She needs to stop the 'wa-wa' noise, and sometimes the bitter laughter sounds a little maniacal.
Can't let Tom off. Tom needs some more testosterone, Molly seems to have taken it all.

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But veronica is cute...

And even if you never saw her face, she still comes off as extremely cute. The cute voice and whacky cute mannerisms. I think the show is hurt a lot without these.

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(NT) Isn't that what Jason is for? {NT}
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She's always been like this

Since before she left. Jason should speak up more, he's a complete riot on Gadgettes

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I agree that Molly is bitching way too much.

I am in no way an Apple fan boy. I dont even own any Apple products but during episode 555 I had to stop listening because molly was just annoying the hell out of me. Who cares if they dropped the price of the iPhone, it made me laugh when I heard that.

When you wait in line for any product on launch day, expect to pay out the ***. If you dont care about paying out the *** and want the product then you are obviously, like Tom said, willing to pay that amount. That is the nature of the game.

I personally want an iPhone. I have wanted one since I heard about the phone but I didnt get one cause I wanted to wait till they pumped a couple of verions out. And guess what? I am sure glad that I waited because now the phone is cheaper and had twice the memory.

Molly annoys me in the same way that Robert Heron annoys me over at DLTV. Guess what, after Patrick Norton left DLTV I quit watching. When someone whines and whines about something, it's time to go.

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(NT) Bye.
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My 2 cents since Buzztown seems to be taking a vote

I find Molly very sharp and entertaining in general, but there are occasions where she overstates her case pretty dramatically. I have found myself actually fast forwarding through some of the rants, which I have never done before.

There have been a few times when I was on the verge of writing in and asking Molly to give us ten things about tech that she really thinks is well done and she is completely happy with. Wikipedia is broken (although I have found it the most useful thing on the internet), Apple does its business all wrong (and it has made them the most successful consumer product company of the last decade), every company is evil and people are all idiots for continuing to buy their products (in droves).

Molly is funny and smart, but needs to stop being such a hater.

I really would love to see those ten things.

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Flamebait! Yippee!

I rarely look at the forum postings, so I had no idea Molly was so divisive. Personally, I enjoy her frothing editorials and passionate rage. She is a perfect foil for Tom's sedate reasonableness.

@Renegade Knight: speaking of lunch, maybe she should auction off A Charity Lunch With Molly Wood a la Warren Buffett. Tom could do the same! You know there would be bidders. Grin

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