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Mohammed, Britain's Most Popular Boy's Name In 2009

Britain's most popular baby names have been released, and Jack, the reigning champ for 14 years, has been replaced this year by Mohammed, reports the AFP.

The name, a reference to the Muslim prophet, was denied the top spot due to a plethora of spellings listed separately, including "Muhammad and Mohammad," said the Daily Mail. However, the disparate spellings taken together formed the largest group, with 7,549 newborns given the name last year. The official top spot went to Oliver, with 7,364 newborns. The most popular girl's name was Olivia. The lists were compiled by Britain's Office of National Statistics.

The most frequent spelling alone, Mohammed, was the number four most popular name in London, while it was number one in "West Midlands region of central England which includes the city of Birmingham," according to the Sidney Morning Herald.

They can't agree on the spelling... how long before gunfire erupts?

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Reporting: Mohammed, Britain's Most Popular Boy's Name In 2009
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even Mohamed couldn't spell his name

He couldn't read nor write. He was illiterate.

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(NT) Fit right in at SE then.
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It's good we have members

who don't mind making fun of themselves.


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Hmmm, I know a lot of people

with names that are pronounced the same but spelled differently.

First example to mind....


I wonder when they'll all start shooting each other, since your statement implies anyone with different spellings will hate each other on principle and set out to kill the others.

Interesting, spell check considers the double l versions as inaccurate while the single l versions are ok. And I have met people with all four variations.

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There's this thing called a sense of humor....

Check it out.

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I have

But I don't necessarily find disparaging "humorous" remarks funny, or worthy of any slack.

Insults expressed as "digs" are still insults.

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Jeeez! It was a humorous remark, that's all. You know there IS a lot of violence in the Middle East that is strictly non-political, settling scores, etc.

You want to delete it, be my guest.

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It's a humorous remark,

Telling someone to get a sense of humor?

That's right up there, with

Get a haircut.

Get a job.

Get a life.

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Humorous remark?

"They can't agree on the spelling... how long before gunfire erupts?"

If it was intended humorously, that's what you intended.

Perhaps I've seen so much intended to either convey dislike, distrust, and disregard for Muslims, both elsewhere and here, that I read it in a different context. Anytime something is a "joke" involving "they" or "them", there is a better than even odd it's attacking a group, or at least a stereotype of a group.

Of course I was exaggerating a bit when I proposed you meant that everyone that spelled there name differently was going to start shooting each other. In case that wasn't obvious, it was intended as hyperbole to point out the perceived class insult.

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Funny how you go after me for the smallest thing...

yet let others slip by with much worse.

It was intended as a joke and I think most people probably saw it that way. If you saw it otherwise, fine.

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(NT) There, and I thought you were being serious.
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Yeah, right.

Maybe I should resort to "smilies", though I'd rather shoot myself than use a crutch like that.

That was a joke. I am not literally going to take out a gun and shoot myself.

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I would never expect you to shoot yourself

Just expressing that I believe you'd never do it. I'm reasonably sure your self-respect is too great for that.

(And maybe up my batting average on replies to your posts?)

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Nice Ed, for once I giggled, Happy


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I'm glad someone appreciates my comedic genius.

[insert smiley or LOL here]

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ok, here ya go...
Happy Wink LOL LMAO!!!!
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Go after you?


I disagreed with what I perceived to be said.

I then granted if you meant it to be humorously, then that was your intent.

I explained what may have colored my view of your statement.

Therefore I go after you for the smallest thing.

Hmmm, I probably only express an opinion on less than 2% of your posts.

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