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Modem or Charter cable problem?

I've been trying to solve my problem for a few weeks now. At first I thought it was my out dated D-link router. I have charter cable for TV and internet. I just spent $ on a new linksys/cisco router and supposed to be getting 10mbps DL speed. When the internet was SO slow again, I hooked up my PC directly to the modem, reset the modem and for about 10min. or so I have the full 10mbps speed, then it starts to drop off, down to 7, down to 5 and goes all the way down to 1 or 1/2mbps! I hooked up our 2nd PC directly to the modem and reset the modem, same thing, great for the first 10min. or so. I have contacted charter a few times and they are just clueless! Telling me to clean my PC of adware/spyware and crap like that.

So, I'm just wondering if it's not just my modem which is not from charter, it's one I bought a couple years ago and is a Motorola surfboard.... don't have the model #, not at home right now. I just hate to put more $ down on a modem after just buying a router and find out it is a problem with Charter. Any insight?


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Reporting: Modem or Charter cable problem?
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Did you read below?


The speed is not going to be 10 anything because as you get out of Charter's network those downloads are you battling it out for data from what server across what network to you?

Many are still trying to demand speed from their ISP when the ISP does not own the entire connection from that server to you.

Besides you didn't tell how you measured this. Torrent speeds are well known to be throttled.

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Always had 10 before. and I don't use torrents and I also tried this in safe mode on both PC's with the same result. Internet was fine for years and this happened overnight. We used to always get 10, even the cable guy when he came to the house to hook up HD checked out the internet and also got 10 a few months ago, actually it was almost 11. Even if it was a server thing like you say, I find it hard to believe everything is fine for the first 10 to 15 min and does a steady drop until it reaches less than 1! And stays there until I reset the modem. I guess I'll be calling again.

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Since it tapers off.

We would have to discuss how ISPs use Cisco Cache Engine as well as the mechanics of how this works to explain why it starts off fast and slows down.

Nothing in your post points to it being your problem. Of course there is that issue that some old cable modems can't use the new "Powerboost" by some cable ISPs.

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My thoughts there too . . .

If the modem is not DOCSYS 2.x or greater . . .

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"DOCSYS 2.x or greater"

Those words were eluding me.

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Us old farts . . .

have to stick together.

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Modem or Charter cable problem reply

I have been having problems with my internet as well. My internet has been going out a lot lately so I choose to buy another modem before I spend a day waiting for the Charter people to show up. Shot down to Best Buy and picked up a new one. Got home, set it up and called Charter to give them the MAC ID number so they could send through a signal. Well, it seems that Charter in the infinite wisdom (wisdom being a euphemism for thoughtless yet relentless corporate greed) has decided that they no longer will allow customers to use their own modems. I'll repeat that, they no longer will allow customers to use their own modems. You have to rent a modem from them for $7.00 per month. Their modem doesn't even have WiFi. So I will have to go out and but a router and pay them their blood money.

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