Please move this to the appropriate board. I bought two used mobos complete with cpu, memory, and VRM. Only missing item was the APG video card, or so I thought. The APG slot on a DELL board is GREEN, same length as a PCI, set back from the rear. This board and a PRECISION 330, which seems to be identical, use a BROWN video slot I believe is called a PCI-E slot. I do not have a video card for that board. These board were said to be from a OPTIPLEX GX400, and a PRECISION 330. Yet I do not think the were by the presence of the longer video slot. Also they will NOT power on using the power board #3505D. Do these use the power board 88RXM? The power connector is the typical GRAY 16 pin 2 rows of 8. The 4600 and 4700 apparently use a smaller BLUE 6 0r 8 pin connector with the same longer video slot. These facts seem to be contradictory. Is it possible that these4 boards are a newer vintage? Can a PCI video card be used in a PCI-E slot> I have a pci video card coming and a 88RXM power board coming on the off chance that the 88 switch will power these boards, Than I will use the PCI card as opposed to the E card. I do not wish to buy a different card if a PCI card will work. It has in the past in an 8100 board. Please provide advice and guidence with specific names, models/part numbers web sites and explain this in terms I can understand. Perhaps these are not the board models I think they are. On EBAY I have seen these boards with both the GREEN and BROWN slots called the 4H665 optiplex gx400 board. Cannot be both. Can it? Revision?

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Sorry but

I never found the COLOR of a slot to determine what it was or its capabilities.

As to the PCI question. You can never be sure about that. It's a BIOS issue. If the BIOS supports it, yes. If not, no.

I am not a Dell hardware historian but have found a lot of information about boards with google. But there are many dead boards out there due to that BAD CAPS plague. Some folk dive in and didn't know then proceeded to lose their mind and wallet.

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Dell vid slots

Without knowing the vintage of the MB(s) it is a little hard to say but typically older Dell motherboards had an AGP slot and one or two open PCI slots, newer boards had PCIe and no AGP. IF it is an OLDER motherboard I would favor using the AGP slot rather than a PCI, the AGP slot, ACCELERATED GRAPHICS PROTOCOL was video specific, standard PCI more universal, I'm still going AGP over PCI.

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dell mobos

Here are the board part numbers. One cam from a OPTIPLEX GX400, the other from a PRECISION 330. Both seem to be identical. MX-070PMC and a MX-06E153. Both have ONE PCI-E slot that apparently can support both APG and PCI-E video cards as my APG card fits into the slot in its usual location. I do not want to buy yet another card just to get this board powered up and running. Is my thinking correct? I have never seen a board designated as a GX400 with this slot, ONLY with the shorter APG slot and ALWAYS GREEN as opposed to BROWN. I do not know if the color has any meaning except there has been no exception in my experience. Also at this point the board will NOT power up with the 3505D power board. I have a 88RXM power board comong on the off chance that that board will work. Also a PCI video card coming. If the board will power up than I will try my APG card in what is apparently a PCI-E slot. The oldest board I have come across a 25REH fom a DIMENSION 8100 was 1990. These boards are apparently newer than that. This is my first experience with this issue. The 070 board was in a working system until it died by behaving very oddly. I attempted to reload the OS which failed using both copies of my cd. I took the cover off to check the cables and it no longer powers up. It was only then that I noticed the PCI-E slot using my APG card. I never had an E card. More insights please.

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VID slots/cards

AGP is AGP, PCIe is PCIe. It is not APG. PCIe, Periferal Component Interconnect (e designates express) AGP and PCI or PCIe do not interchange.

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