MOBO and Power Supply...

Hello. I have a question. I bought a used computer to replace my aging HP pavilion (Windows 7, Athlon x4 2.7ghz, 10 ram, nvidia geforce gt 250). Runs all games very well. Lately though it has been taking forever to load up when i start it up and is just old.

I bought a newer version of the HP pavilion and added some hardware (Windows 7 Ultimate, Athlon x4 3ghz, 14 ram, xfx radeon r7 360).

Now everything on the upgraded one runs great. After installing all the updates and drivers it runs smooth....tested out the radeon r7 with LOL, Company of heroes and several benchmark programs and it runs awesome.

Real quick: I had to move my BFG 550 Watt Power supply from the old HP to the new HP. And the 250 watt from the new HP to the old HP.

Now to the questions:

1. ATX power connector on my mobo. When I put in the 250 watt supply and connected everything up and turned on.....the PC comes on BUT cannot see anything. Why?
My opinion is that the PS does not have enough juice. So WHY does everything seem to be on? The nvidia gt 250 and the CPU fans are on and running. It that normal....yet not enough juice to actually give the power needed to display something on the display itself?
Also the connection that comes from the PS and into the ATX on the mobo does not cover the entire ATX connection. Meaning there are 4 pin connections missing on the connection coming form the PS. Is that normal? I ask because my BFG covers the entire ATX on my other HP.

2. My BFG 550 watt power supply. After I installed all the hardware in my new HP and powered the PC up I noticed all components running including the fans on the CPU and Radeon r7 360. BUT I also noticed my BFG's fan was NOT on and spinning. Why?

I dont think BFG exists anymore so I cannot call them. Is it normal for a power supply fan to stay off and come on when it needs too? Or should it always stay on? I will include a link to the PS. Thx in advance.


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In short

The GT 250 takes 150 Watts all on it's own leaving 100 for the rest but that's not all. You degrade an old PSU by 50% so this 250 Watt is likely more like 125 Watts at about 5 years old.

Never skimp on PSUs like that. Some will fry the entire PC when overtaxed.

Item 2. Fan? Some models have a super quiet mode when temps are low and load is low. Could be nothing. The fan MUST spin as load and heat increases or it's defectvive (typo intentional).

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So I should play a game or a stressful benchmark and the fan should turn on correct? thx.

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If one lives in the far North, it may not need to turn on.

Details matter.

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Old unit
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thx old unit. do you know if my BFG's fan should continuously turn or is it programmed to turn on when it needs too? I do not have the box anymore and i am not at home to give yall the model #.

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Connect the bfg to the old unit.
Does the fan run?
If it does you might want to leave it there and buy a new psu for the new unit.

If the fan does not run then you either have a busted fan or a thermally controlled fan.

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