Keyloggers are installed by you or rogue/bad apps. You stop key logging by removing the logger. I've run into folk with badly infected PCs that tell me "How can this be, I have Norton." So that's not enough today.

I usually scan a PC with help from Grif.

As to a smart phone you have to figure out what you want to do. For example if I want to use the web without the carrier tracking me, I use a VPN.

But what does a VPN have to do with PHISHING? ALMOST NOTHING. PHISHING only succeeds when you fall for it. I think you need to research what phishing is and how no app today can truly help those that fall for the fake email phish ploy.

Also, what is this virus for Android? I have some hundreds of clients and not one Android virus yet. Are you lumping phishing, malware and spyware into a pot and calling these a virus?