A year and two months after the 5-year warranty that I purchased with the same TV (WS65511) when it was new was up, the TV abrubptly died. When turning on the TV, the power light came on for a few seconds and then went off. If the TV was unplugged, after plugging back in and turning on, the light would blink for about 60 seconds and then it would go out. We called in a TV repair man to see if it was worth fixing and when he came out, he looked at it and found that the coolant in one of the lenses leaked all over the motherboard. He said that at minimum, it's $1,000 in parts. I assume that's refurbished or old parts because I later heard that new parts were about $800 for the motherboard, another $800 for the lense, and then you should really replace all three lenses at once. That doesn't include labor. So, repair cost more than replacement.