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Mitsubishi DLP Television WD-57831 Class Action Lawsuit


Is anyone interested in getting in on a class action lawsuit against Mitsubishi and their (known?) defective DLP televisions? I've seen numerous posts regarding lamps, ballast boards, DLP engines, total rebuilds, poorly assembled thermistor sensors, air flow problems, useless repairmen, etc. etc.

I too am experiencing the joy of making 3 Diamond Card payments as well as HD cable programming payments all for a television that stopped working back on June 30, 2007 and has had 2, now a pending 3rd, unsucessful attempts by incompetent "authorized repair centers" to fix it. ITS ONLY 6 MONTHS OLD!!! Randomly replacing parts without performing electronic troubleshooting is totally unacceptable.

Anyway, please let me know if anyone would be willing to sign some papers and get this thing going.


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Reporting: Mitsubishi DLP Television WD-57831 Class Action Lawsuit
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Response to Mitsubishi class action lawsuit

I may be able to help. I have successfully handled a class action lawsuit against Panasonic based on premature bulb failure in a line of LCD tvs. I am currently investigating potential class claims against Mitsubishi. If you wish to discuss this, please contact me directly.

Harry Shulman

Note: this is a solicitation for professional services (a required disclosure in California).

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Mitsubishi WD-62628 and WD-52628 misrepresentation as 1080P

See the blog tread at

Here many people are upset with Mitsubishi for misrepresentation of their WD-62628, WD-52628 etc DLPs as 1080P, bought them, only to learn that they really will not accept 1080P signal through their HDMI port and for many other problems.

The displayed "1080P" on the front of these TV's at Tweeters, Fry's, Best Buy and other retailers, and in ad's, on the packaging and yet, the user manual does not mention support for anything but 1080i through its two HDMI ports and users confirm it will not accept 1080P signal from Sony Playstation 3 Blueray machines.

Check it out.

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1080p tvs incapable of doing 1080i

there was memo going around that the new sony lcd light engine tvs
were actually not capable of doing progressive scan althouth the box was
marked as 1080

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wrong box?

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marks on screen

hi i was woundering im renting a mits wd-737 60' and had it for three months, when i watch dark movies or darek in the room i can see a black line almost half way to the middle of screen and another at bottom left,i was just woundering if you have idea what it is
thanks alot..don..

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just wanted to let people know if you have marks on your screen
take a micro fiber and non amomia windex and clean the reflecter screen, not the front screen, i got mine looking like new
saved 500.00 from household cenralized...

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I would like to discuss this with you further.

I have a 2 year old WD65C9 which has developed a new problem. On a black screen and in darker areas of the picture it is no longer black. the screen looks 'flecked' almost a film grain look. It does not move with the picture so I m thinking it has got to be on the reflector screen, on the inside of the main screen, or over the lens. I wouldn't mind getting in there and doing some delicate cleaning, but I only have two small 'port holes' on either side of the set. How do reach everything to clean it? You can reach me directly at Thanks

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Class Action Suit

I just figured out what's wrong with my tv set; everybody else has the same problem. If you are still contempleting a class action against Mitsubishi, count me in.

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Mitsubishi WD-52327 TV repairs

I have replaced the lamp cartridge, and the ballast, but the lamp still fails to come one unless try 2 to 5 times.

Any ideas?


the Penguin

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Mitisubishi WD-62628 bad light engines

Has anyone started the class action suit yet against Mitisubishi. TV only 2 years old and is shot. We purchased from Sound Advice and they are out of business as well. Lamp went, as well as color wheel, optic block and light engine. Cost $1700 to fix a $3000 set.

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RE: Mitisubishi WD-62628 bad light engines

Did you contact Mits? They extended the warranty on some of the models by an additional 2 years. So if you're TV was or is 2 years old it may be covered.

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Bad light engine on Mitsubishi Wd-62628

I did contact Mitsubishi and will be waiting on an answer. They wanted some info faxed in from the authorized service rep and will review it. I am hoping it gets us a warranty extension. Thanks. Will let you know.

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Warranty extension from Mitsubishi

I contacted Mitsubishi customer service and was taken care of expediently. They covered the costs of all parts for the TV, optic block, color wheel which was over $900. I did have to cover the cost of the service call, labor and the lamp. It still ended up costing me all-in-all about $525, but much better than $1500.

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RE: Warranty extension from Mitsubishi

Why wouldn't they cover the labor or service call? When I had my problem they covered both.

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Warranty extension from Mitsubishi

Not sure, but I wasn't pressing my luck. We did not buy an extended warranty and the TV is 2 1/2 years old. Guess I should have pressed more, but didn't.

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RE: Warranty extension from Mitsubishi

I only had the original 1 year warranty as well. However, on my model the extended the warranty by 2 years on the light engine. Since they changed their website around I can't find that info anymore, because if your TV is under that extended warranty then they have to cover it all.

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Bad Optic Block Light Engine

I have had my Mitsubishi Electric DLP High Definition Television model WD 73733: 73 inch tv for three years. My warranty expired June 2011. On July 29, 2011 I noticed a black dot on my tv. Thought it was perhaps a gnat. Looked on the computer for consumer complaints and realized that it was a defect with these t.v.'s . Well , I contacted Mitsubishi and complained about the problem. Emailed Consumer Relations Department. Mitsubishi allowed me to speak to a representative that could help me. Mitsubishi agreed to pay for the Diagnostic testing and for the parts. The problem was the Optic Light Engine. Mitsubishi agreed to pay for it, but realized the main problem was not replacing the entire engine but the chip. Now , I was responsible for the labor which cost me about $300.00. We purchased the t.v. in June 2008 paid cash for it. My suggestion to you is to call them and maybe they will work something out. My t.v. was repaired yesterday . October 20, 2011. The picture is awesome.

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Mitsubishi Class Action law Suite

I have a WD-57732 that is on it's 5th engine and 3rd lamp in four years. Purchased from Tweeter with ESP and now Tweeter is belly up!
Please add me to the suite

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count me in

I would love to participate in a class action Law suit against Mitsubishi DLP model 52725

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Then don't read the posts if they bother you.

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read read read

if you read them they will come!

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I feel for you all !!!!

I am shocked, surprised, and glad I never bought another.

I had a Beautiful 55 inch HD Mitsubishi for about 3 years, before I had to move across country, and against all will, sold it.

It was always on, and I NEVER had a single problem with it.

I was going to get another, heard DLP was the best of big screen HDTV, but from what I am hearing here.....glad I haven't made that plunge yet.

NOTE: Didn't anyone get warranties ? Mine was amazing, but I had no cause to use it.

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RE: I feel for you all !!!!

I wouldn't buy a DLP again after the Mits problems. I would either buy a Plasma which I own or an LCD.

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To all Mitsubishi owners who have found out the hard way that they were deceived! In Oct 2005, when I paid $4069 for my MIT WD62628 I was assured by Ultimate Electronics sales staff that my TV WAS A 1080P TV and that when Bluray or HDDVD arrived that I would be 1080p ready to go.

Anything to close a sale, right?

Well, I waited until the prices dropped on PS3 only to find that my TV is only 1080i - thus rendering the benefits of BluRay and 1080p completely useless with this TV. At first I thought it was a connection issue - only to find out from other users that they were also misled into believing they owned a Mit 1080p. I know there is some b.s. technical loophole that Mitsubishi or ULTIMATE may try to claim. Coincidentally, my lamp just went out. Fortunately my MIT is still under my 3year extended warranty, but my first impressions of Warrantech are not positive.

PLEASE HELP - any recommendations re remedies on fighting this battle with ULTIMATE or MITSUBISHI. My sales receipt and all of the collateral materical including TV stickers SAY "1080P"!!! I cant be the only one that views this as misleading, fraudulent and potentially a liability for MIT or ULTIMATE!!?? I would be happy if they just acknowledged their deception and replaced it with a similar model true 1080p.

Please post here for others or feel free to reach me at

THANKS - and I say let's go to war on MIT and Ultimate!

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You think that your television is under warranty but it only covers the heat sensor which is the direct cause of the lamp going out. They do not cover the lamp, just the heat sensor. Be prepared to pay as it cost me $220 just a week ago for the same thing. We need a class action suit!

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mitsubishi hdtv's

hello, iwa woundering if the same was going on with the wd-60735 deries? i heard about the 65-73..thanks! d..

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mitsubishi 60735 DLP like all before it! Broken

40 days, 40 DAYS!!! Thats how long it lasted before a loud humming sound like a really bad fan in a computer case, then before repair people could get here to lok at it 7 days later it started turning on to a red light on the front meaning system errors. Repair man said its the color wheel and tried to actually put oil on it to get it to spin at the 15000 rpms it takes to turn on the lamp (this is his story) and he claimed it was froze up when he removed it but I was watching and it looked fine to me. He said the oil would not achieve the temporary fix he was hoping for while he ordered a new one and it would probablytake 7 to 10 days to get one in. Today is day 12 and I am about to call him right now, (calling)OK, the ditzy girl said the part is ordered but its not in and she is going to try to find out if or when its gong to be in, (probably when Hanna Montana is over). That was not encouraging. To this point in review: We bought a Mitsubishi 60735 DLP TV and paid 2000$ with tax and extended warranty and delivery. Worked great for 35 days then started making a humming then squilling sound that would come and go and was clearly getting worse so we called the warranty people and they told us to call a certified repair person so we did. They came and declared it was the color wheel and would order a new one but would try and oil this one to possibly get it working until the new one arrives. Oil had no affect what so ever and the red light still comes on and it does nothing else. Repair person said 7 to 10 days for new part and today is day 11 and no part or call from repair man . Girl at repair office said to call back later and she would try to find out status of part and repair ETA. If you would like to pay 2000$ to watch TV for 41 days then I suggest you buy the Mitsubishui 60735 DLP, to make it even worse we had a 14 year old Hitachi 52 inch rear projection big screen TV that STILL WORKED WELL and we gave it free of charge to the sales person at the store we bought this one from! He wont help us its a warranty issue for repair now! There is a real good chance this could escalate in the near future! Stay tuned for future reports and maybe if you were considering buying a TV from Mitsubishi or a car or anything else, RECONSIDER!!!!!

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humming noise

Hi Kirk,
I'm experiencing the same humming noise in my WS 52527 (52" LCD RP). It's less than 3 years old and I changed the light bulb three months ago. The sound is like a fan going bad but I couldn't find any fans in the back of the tv. It's on constantly but goes off only for a second during channel changes. Have you verified that your problem was related to a bad color wheel? If so, do you think someone other than a certified technician can change out the color wheel? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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