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Missing wif fi software??

I have an Acer as[pire 3400 desktop, operating windows 3 home. I was advised by acer that this model did not operate with wif fi. Because of distance problems I deided to see if I could install a wifif system in my home and was advised that this model Pc would require a USB adapter, I duly aquired a TP Link apapter model TL WN822N. This was installed and the modem connected to the phone input. Ther adapter did not recognise any signals. After valianty efforts the adapter was taken away and set up on a firiends PC where it worked perfectly. The modem also indictaes that it is producing wif fi (my wifes kindler roks fine) A engineer looked into this and advised me that the softare on windows 7 associated with wI fi is either missing or corrupted. I approached Acer who kept repeating that this model PC was not built to accept wifi - of which I was aware which is why I obtained an adapter! Suggestions have been that I should perform a system recovery back to factory default. However I am advised against this (drivers back ups etc?) is there anyway I can check that the pre installed windows (oem) 7 can be set up to operate with wi fi or am I chasing a dead horse?? Acer just keep telling me that "this model does not operate wif fi" Any and all advice welcome, for which many thanks Dave

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Re: wifi

In reply to: Missing wif fi software??

Please tell more about "installed". Did you install a Windows 7 compatible driver? Does it show in Device Manager without any errors and 'working correctly'?

Just today a friend brought me her old PC with a USB Wifi thing, that worked under her XP home. After setting up her new Windows 8.1 PC (and copying her files) I'm supposed to get that working. So I need to find a Windows 8.1 driver for a Sitecom WL-540 CA. And then I expect it to work.

The driver in your Windows 7 should fulfill all necessary functions that aren't included in a standard Windows installation, just like her driver does everything that's not included in her XP (and hopefully, in her new Windows 8.1).


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Welcome to the world

In reply to: Missing wif fi software??

Welcome to the world of outsourced tech support where the goal isn't helping people, it's about keeping call times as short as possible because the vast majority of the time either the contract is set up so they're paid based on the number of calls they handle (as opposed to satisfied customers with resolved issues) or the contract stipulates that they must handle X number of calls a month.

Without looking up your specific model, it's at least possible it never came with wifi capabilities, but as Kees rightly pointed out, as soon as you bought that adapter the included software should be sufficient to add said wifi capabilities. You're running into a "tech" who is made to use some kind of decision tree software that tells them how to respond and your question falls outside what someone anticipated so you're getting the closest match or some default answer designed to kind of scare people away, like format and reinstall. You also will absolutely, under no circumstances, get Acer to supply any kind of support for hardware they didn't sell. That's the way it is for all companies. I once tried just getting some very basic and generic instructions from Comcast for a cable modem they themselves provide, but I bought third party as opposed to rent. Hit a brick wall.

Assuming "kindler" was a misspelled "Kindle" as in the e-ink readers or tablets from Amazon, it would point the finger at there being either a problem with your OS or your not correctly installing the drivers for the wifi dongle.

On a completely unrelated note, your comments about why you don't want to do a factory restore suggests you don't have a backup of any important files. This is a very bad and dangerous situation. What would you do if the HDD went belly up tomorrow? Or something went very wrong with the OS and you had no choice but to reinstall the OS? At the very least, get some blank DVDs and burn copies of important files. A USB flash drive or external HDD would be better on the price-storage-speed-convenience ratio, but blank DVDs would serve in a pinch. As the old sysadmin saying goes: We only lose what we don't back up.

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missing wi fi software

In reply to: Welcome to the world

Yes according to Acer my PC did not have wi fi capabilities, as you suggested. however during my original discussion with them the "tech Guy" indicated that all I needed to set up the link was an adapter, which I obtained.. Yes, the engineer who recently visited me was of the firm opinion that the problem lies with my OS. Yes, I do have back up and would obviously complete this requirement, however I was seeking from Acer assurance that the pre-installed windows 7 has the correct software included in the program. Yes again, Acer were rather less than helpful but you have explained that in your comments re tech guy at their web site. In this day and age I do frankly expect manufacturers to provide all the technical information that an end user, in this case me, might require for a home computer. Not an unreasonable request, why leave off wi-fi in the first place?(or at least make it available as a download ). many thanks for your thoughts and advice. Dave

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Re: WiFi

In reply to: missing wi fi software

You ask: " Why leave off wi-fi in the first place, or at least make it available as a download."

That's easy to answer:
1. The model you bought didn't have WiFi hardware. Your choice to buy it, and not a model that has. You can't blame them for selling a model without WiFi for those who don't need it, can you? Generally, all laptops have WiFi, and very few desktops come with it. It's like a car without airco; some cars have, some don't. If you buy one without, and it turns out you need it, you can't say it's a Ford problem. It's your problem/

2. If that software would be generic Windows software, it should be supplied by Microsoft (the maker of Windows), not by the reseller (Acer). Since Microsoft doesn't offer it, it's safe to conclude that it isn't generic software.

3. The drivers you need can be downloaded from the side of the maker of the dongle. That is, because it has to be compatible with that dongle. You can't expect Acer to have drivers for all hardware made by all other companies. You can't even expect them to solve all issues caused by unknown corruption of Windows by unknown causes.

Nothing wrong here, I'd say.


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missing wif-fi software

In reply to: Re: WiFi

Many thanks for your response. I do take on board your observations. My point really is that like so many who purchase a PC we,(they) are not really trechnically savvy. We did have details of downloads (drivers) from Tp-link and these were undertaken, however they did not help matters at all. I can only reiterate what the visiting tech-man told me that the problem lies with the -pre installed windows 7. I, n my innocence, am seeking some reassuarnce that, bringing in outside tech help would to be able to resolve (if its possible) the problem I have without involving me in undue expence and the prospect of success.for what I see, on the advice I have been given, is really no fault of mine. once agan my thanks dave

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I've yet to find any PC like this.

In reply to: missing wif-fi software

I think you suspect there is something missing from the Windows OS but so far with some thousands of PCs I've yet to encounter the OS missing the bits and pieces that Microsoft supplied.

But it is true that too many times it requires drivers and in some cases the front USB ports don't work with such sticks.

Then we have driver hell.

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missing wi fi software

In reply to: I've yet to find any PC like this.

Many thanks for your reonse Bob,it lookas aa though I shall have to wait until that magical day when the old pockets and a bit deeper and filled with dinero! and with newly aquired knowledge purchase myself a new Desktop, which does all I ask! I have a feeling that my current PC was designed for a more sedate steam driven era!!! Cordially Dave

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not monolithic kernel

In reply to: missing wi fi software

Linux uses a monolithic kernel that runs all the most common devices including wifi out of the box, but Windows runs a different type of system which requires all new devices to have software for them installed at the time the new device is added. You should have a CD with some software on it which you can install to the windows 7 system, then reboot with your USB wifi device plugged in. Your next step is to configure the device in windows so it can interact with your modem. Typically that means adding in the SSID or setting up the PTP and also setting the security access to the modem/router, either WEP or WPA. I'm assuming your modem also has a router since you mention others able to connect wirelessly to it. If all you have is a modem, and it's not a combination modem/router, or with a router added to it, then of course wifi won't work at all, it will need to be wired.

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Let's not go misrepresenting things

In reply to: not monolithic kernel

Let's not go misrepresenting things now. First off, nice job bringing up a completely unrelated topic. I don't see Linux mentioned anywhere prior to your post.

Second, any Linux user worth anything should know that kernel modules are the functional equivalent of device drivers in Windows. The only real difference here is that with Linux you have the option of building the modules into the kernel itself as opposed to a module that you can load/unload as needed.

Third, while a monolithic kernel design has performance benefits, the more distributed model Microsoft uses has many benefits from the security and development standpoint. Some things are easier to do with a monolithic design, some things are easier to do with a distributed model. On the whole, the distributed model is what is considered the superior model and taught in CS programs.

Fourth, Linux being a monolithic kernel has absolutely nothing at all to do with your off-topic diversion. Linux being a device independent OS has something to do with it though. Device independence being that the OS just routes signals to the proper port and expects the hardware to figure out what to do with it. Device dependence, like Windows, means you need a specific driver. Of course these days Linux is probably just as device dependent as Windows given it's a lot cheaper to do most of the heavy lifting on the host CPU via software rather than put all that logic in silicon on the device itself. From an engineering standpoint it's kind of a two steps forward, one step back proposition. Reduced complexity of the circuitry and the resulting reduction in manufacturing costs is good, but at the same time you've just shifted a lot of that complexity to the software layer of the driver. Regardless of whether it's a net benefit or net liability, it's the reality we are faced with when it comes to hardware.

You're not going to use that shiny new nVidia or AMD video card to its full potential without installing the proprietary software from either ATI or nVidia which will include a kernel module to hook into the kernel DRM. Not to mention custom modules that X.Org needs to load to be able to communicate with the hardware. CUPS is more or less the same thing for printers.

If you're going to try and drag a thread like this off-topic because you haven't typed "Linux" in the last 30 seconds and you're going into withdrawal, you could at least do the OS you profess such profound affection for the courtesy of getting the technical details right. It's also the least you could do for the rest of us who have to suffer the side-effects of your addiction.

Thus spoke the raven: Please shut it!

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thanks for admitting I was right

In reply to: Let's not go misrepresenting things

in your own round about manner. My mention of Linux once in a while is nothing compared to the poop you spread around constantly. Had any Chinese food lately? I realize MS fanboys feel horribly threatened by even the mention of anything that is not from MS, but please work on your insecurities in private instead of revealing them so openly on a regular basis. If you adjusted your efforts solely to dealing with problems and questions, instead of running around like Chicken Little everytime you heard the word Linux, Acer, Asus, and a few other mentions, you might be more well received, instead of shunned.

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Ah yes

In reply to: thanks for admitting I was right

Ah yes, we've finally reached the point of pigeonholing and ad hominems. I was wondering how long it'd take. I do have to say, I am rather surprised that you'd bring up certain topics, like how I was pointing out to racist tendencies on the part of ASUS such that a person might exploit it for their own benefit in obtaining better service. You then follow it with a racist slur about minorities living in inner cities. That strikes me as an exceedingly unwise tactical decision. You can't take back that you said it, that's now going to live on forever on the Internet, but that doesn't mean you had to bring it up a second time. If our positions were reversed, I would have either never mentioned it again, avoided that thread like the plague, and just wait for everyone to forget I said it, or I might have made a single post stating that the previous comment was in incredibly poor taste and apologize for it. I haven't actually checked to see what the new post is in that thread, it's been a busy week for me so I'm more than a little exhausted, but based on your response here I think I have an idea what I'd find.

I also very specifically said "East Asian" you're the one who continues to show an astonishing lack of cultural awareness by reducing that down to "Chinese" and my complaints about Acer have to do with their well documented poor quality and manufacturing methodologies. They're also a Taiwanese company, not Chinese -- despite what the Chinese government might say, Taiwan is an independent nation state -- but the country where the company is headquartered doesn't even factor in to my reasons for not liking the brand. Which is another subtlety you have failed to grasp. I dislike the brand, I'm indifferent about the company. A company is just a fictional entity that exists only on paper and in our imaginations. A brand is the umbrella under which all the products that represent the collective vision of the people working at a particular company exist. The Acer brand is one of cutting costs even at the expense of quality and playing games when it comes to customers' legitimate expectations of being able to get their Acer branded products fixed under manufacturer warranty guarantees in an effort to weasel out of their contractual obligations.

In any case, this is just another wasted opportunity on your part. You could have proven yourself to be the "bigger man" and ignored any slights you think I made against you, responding only to the neutral technical aspects of what was said. You could have simply admitted that you made a rather erroneous statement and said how I was absolutely right. You could have even taken the opportunity to try and learn something on a topic you have an interest in from someone who's probably forgotten more about it than you've managed to learn. Any of these options would have allowed you to retain some sense of dignity and class. Instead I had to stop and make sure I didn't wander into the Twilight Zone where I was back in elementary school and "I know you are, but what am I" is considered an acceptable rebuttal. I back up everything I say with a line of reasoning and/or facts. How about you?

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I would appreciate it

In reply to: Ah yes

if you ignored anything I didn't directly post to or about you. I'd appreciate it if you'd not post anything to or about me. I would appreciate it if you quit stalking me. As for my alternate ethnic comment, it was to serve as a comparative value in hopes it would show you how odious yours had been. Most would quickly understand that.

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I would appreciate

In reply to: I would appreciate it

I would appreciate it if you gave me truckloads of $100 bills and many beautiful women to go with it, but it's not going to happen. I would appreciate a lot of things, doesn't mean any of them will ever happen. Granted I don't generally try and couch a fascist dictate in the form of a request either.

However, I would advise against making defamatory comments like accusing someone of stalking you. This is a public forum, which means that it is open to anyone and everyone. It also means that you go out of your way to come here in a completely voluntary way and have absolutely no reasonable expectation of privacy. You therefor have absolutely no reasonable grounds upon which to claim anyone is stalking you, and pretty much any idiot who's taken a couple of basic law classes could tell you that one.

So not only would it be pretty easy to show that you knew the comments were false at the time you made them, you also demonstrated a reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of the statements since there is absolutely nothing at all to back up or justify those comments. So from a legal perspective, you just graduated to having malicious intent.

I don't know what backwater community you live in and frankly I don't care. Maybe in said backwater it's perfectly acceptable to make intentionally disparaging comments about people not just based on race and/or ethnicity, but socio-economic strata. The view must be pretty nice from way up there on that high horse where you think you're so much better than other people. Here in the civilized world, such things are not considered acceptable behavior. I'm fine with the odd off-color joke here and there, but yours crossed multiple lines and the fact that you still refuse to apologize for it I think speaks many more volumes about the type of person you are, and none of it is flattering in the slightest. It's made even worse by your rather fascist mandates. You are free to run around making ad hominem attacks on people, but they're not allowed to dish it right back at you? Really? I wouldn't have thought it'd be possible to top the racial, ethnic and socio-econmic slurs, but bravo I guess, for proving me wrong so quickly.

What I would suggest, is that if someone responds to one of your posts and you do not like what they say, you figure out some kind of coping mechanism for yourself. Take a walk, read a book, sing the theme song to happy days if that's what does it for you. You don't have to read the post, you don't have to click the reply link, you don't have to sit and compose some kind of a response, and you definitely don't have to click the "submit reply" button. You do not get to dictate who can or cannot respond to your posts. If you can't take it when someone gives as good as they get from you, maybe you should remember that the next time you are about to make a nasty comment about someone.

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so you admit

In reply to: I would appreciate

your intention is to keep stalking me. You feel you have some right to? Can't you obsess on a neighbor near you instead? At least they can deal with you face to face when they've had enough.

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USB WiFi can be too hard on folk. How about a WiFi client?

In reply to: Missing wif fi software??

Google us the WNCE2001 for example. Here the refurb model is the price of many of the USB sticks.

Yes, I've used many USB sticks but in your case you may not have local support or the charges will floor you. Try another device like the Netgear WNCE2001 to avoid all the USB driver madness.

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