1. "How to Connect to the Internet in Windows 95 and Windows 98 (Q138789)."

2. The article [Q169514] states the Internet Connection Wizard is included in every copy of IE and a fully automated process that takes you through three important steps to set up your connection to the Internet. After completing each step, the wizard saves Internet connection information to your computer so that you will have the proper configuration for accessing the Internet in the future.

3. The article [Q272282] states that when you click the Connections tab the Dial-up settings options may be unavailable (dimmed) and you are therefore unable to select any of the listed connections. This behavior can occur regardless of the check boxes selected under Local Area Network (LAN) settings, whether or not the Automatically detect settings check box is selected, whether or not a network adapter is installed, and occurs if the EnableAutodial registry key is disabled, missing, or damaged.

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