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Missing Battery & Volume Info from Task Bar & Screen

I have an HP Pavillion (dv9000) running XP and some time ago the battery meter/indicator disappeared off my task bar. I've gone into the power options in the control panel and everything seems to be set up correctly but it does not show up on the bar. Same thing happened to my volume indicator. Used to be I when I hit the volume +/- it would visually show me the volume indicator gauge on my screen but not anymore. I have to guess how high/low the volume is. I suspect the problems are connected (??)but have no idea how to resolve them. Any and all ideas are appreciated.

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Reporting: Missing Battery & Volume Info from Task Bar & Screen
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missing icons

volume icon: open control panel (category view), click "sounds, speech, and audio devices", and on the volume tab, check "place volume icon in the taskbar".
battery icon: open control panel (category view), click "performance and maintenance", click "power options", and on the advanced tab, check "always show icon on the taskbar".

if these checkboxes are already set properly but not displayed, they are probably hidden. to restore them, right-click the task bar, choose "properties", and on the taskbar tab click [customize...] and set the behavior to always show for those items.

as for the on-screen volume indicator, if it's a big TV style indicator, that's a function of your laptop's audio driver. if it's a small volume graph in the lower right corner, it should be restored when you restore the volume icon.

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In the event you or someone else did not manually remove these from being shown....
Disappearances are often an indication of viral and spyware infections. You may want to begin cleaning up your pc.

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infections reply

Thank you for the suggestion that it might be a virus. Something that I have been wondering about myself but can't seem to find anything. I've run Norton Internet Security AntiVirus and I just ran Kaspersky's free online scanner last night. Neither found a thing. Could there still be something there those programs are missing?

Any suggestions for another anti-virus program to try?

Thanks much!

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Missing icons

Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately, I tried all your suggestions to no avail. The check boxes are already checked. I tried un-hiding in the task manager, and while I can see the small speaker icon in the sys tray (I think that what the bottom right corner box is called), I cannot get the visual volume bar to show up on the screen (indicating where the volume is at). I did not find an option to unhide the battery meter in the task manager. So I'm still at the same place.

Your suggestions are very much appreciated, though. Thanks!

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control panel

power options icon. Advanced tab. Clk "always show icon on the taskbar".

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control panel reply

It is checked.... but it still does not show up.

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did you limit how many items could appear there in the properties for the taskbar and start menu? Did you set them to be hidden, and do you know how to access hidden icons on the task bar?

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loss of control

You should check and see if you have power management in Device Manager under the first entry called "Computer". Unless it's there the power control for XP will not work. This could have been there and then disappeared, having "Standard Computer" designation replace it due to having APM or ACPI turned off in the BIOS. If you've had a wrong date at some time after bootup then it's possible your BIOS reset itself and the default is to turn ACPI or APM off on a reset. Here's something from XP help file.

In Windows XP, you can use the Power Meter feature to monitor and manage a portable computer?s battery. You can monitor and manage the computer?s battery only on Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)-enabled computers and on Advanced Power Management (APM)-enabled computers

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lost limits & control reply

James, thank you for your replies. I have not set up any item limits for the taskbar. I do know how to go in and view the list of icons under taskbar properties|customize to see what is hidden when inactive... but the battery meter does not show up in that list.

Unfortunately, you have gone beyond my limited level of computer knowledge when you started talking about Device Manager, APM and ACPI. I tried to find a device manager but didn't know where to look and a search for the file wasn't productive.

I was hoping it might be something simple but might be over my head on this one.

Thanks for you help, though!

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Click Start-->Run. Type services.msc then click ok. Scroll down to Uninterruptible Power Supply. This should (probably) be running if you have a laptop. If not, try starting it (right-click or double click it). You probably want to set it to automatic if it isn't already. If this is already on, the icon may not show up in the system tray until your computer is actually running on battery power.

On my laptop, Uninterruptible Power Supply is set to manual, and is off. I can't remember if I set it to that or what...but the battery meter isn't there in the system tray or in inactive icons on the properties menu.

Hope this helps.

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Bighomer, I pulled up that file and confirmed the Uninterruptible Power Supply is off and set to manual. I tried to start it but got a popup saying that wasn't possible... error 2481: The UPS service is not configured correctly.

Thanks for the effort!

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device manager

go to control panel,clk on system icon, hardware manager tab, look under Computer. You should see Advanced Configuration and Power Interface or maybe Advanced Power Management. If you see Standard Computer, then something changed, most likely in BIOS possibly bad mobo battery, and you lost your BIOS settings which had that turned on. That's why I asked if you'd had problems with the date on the computer being wrong at times since that's a primary indicator such coin battery is dying.

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