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Might want to check under your car

to see if you're being tracked.

FBI following student??

Doesn't seem very high tech by today's standards and one of our winter potholes would land this right next to other roadkill.

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he should have pulled the batteries and kept it

Or for more fun, stuck underneath a pizza delivery car somewhere, lol.

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Good idea

or maybe stick it under some government official's vehicle.

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(NT) Yeah I was thinking police chief myself.
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That reminds me....

I live in an area where freight trains slow down to a crawl to begin a long,uphill climb.It wouldn't be much trouble to walk up to a freight car and slap that sucker on and let the Feds "follow me" to east

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that's a good one.

Or visit the local long haul truck stop on interstate and slap it on one of them.

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legality of privacy is an interesting question these days.

Anyone has the right to physically follow anyone else around in public... that is until it becomes stalking.


So what is the difference between the Fed sending a couple agents to tail you where ever you go... versus putting an electronic bell on your collar (or in this case, a tracking unit on your car)? If putting a tracker on your car is OK... then what about using the other technology you already carry around with you? What about the GPS locators put into all the new cell phones? What about the EZ-Pass automatic payment chips put on people's cars? What about using traffic cameras to visually track license plates on cars? Visual recognition software to track faces in crowds?

Question is what is "privacy" and are you actually entitled to it?

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There's no Constitutional right to privacy....

It's amazing how many people think there is.

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I would think tailing someone versus putting

a tracking device on their car is quite different. Your car is your property. They should have no right to install anything on it at all without your permission or some action by the court after you've committed some sort of offense. That's not the same as taking advantage of current technology. We should know that using a cell phone or carrying an active tracking device makes ones movement almost public. Such devices also have beneficial purposes as they've been used locate missing persons. Do you think the FBI just wants to make sure someone gets home safely? Wink

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Anyone ever think that the feds are able to watch us through all the cameras installed in our computers now? It'd be pretty easy if you think about it.
I always find these things interesting, especially after reading my favorite book 1984, OVER AND OVER.
Orwell is SUCH a genius, how far ahead of his time was he?!?

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