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Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for Zero-day Flaw !

Dec 17, 2008 4:32AM PST

Microsoft announced that today (Wednesday, 17 December) it will release an emergency out-of-bound patch for the critical security hole that has been sending a chill down the spine of Internet Explorer users.

Concerns about the security bug escalated as it was discovered that it affected not only version 7 of Internet Explorer, but also IE 5.01 SP4, IE 6, IE 6 SP1, and IE 8 Beta 2. Attacks incorporating the exploit have also been seen on websites around the world, potentially putting Internet Explorer users at risk in the absence of a patch.

If you already have your computer set to Automatically update, it will install the patch automatically. The patch can also be installed by manually visiting the Windows Update site and installing the patch from there...OR.. the manual downloadable installer can be found at the link below. (At this time this morning, I've installed the update on about 30 Windows XP and Windows 2000 computers here.. So far, so good.):

Hope this helps and be sure to get this update installed....


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