Microsoft Outlook Email

I am trying to get my MS Outlook email working and have bumped into some obstacles.

Right now, I have set up the email addresses. When I click on send/receive a window pops up telling me the folowing:

<<Outlook cannot find the server. Verify the server information is entered correctly in the Account Settings, and that your DNS settings in the Network pane of System Preferences are correct.>>>>

How do I set up my email accounts?

Thanks for your help as I am a new user to the Macbook.

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Reporting: Microsoft Outlook Email
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If you can get on the internet with your MacBook,

then your DNS Settings are fine.
That leaves the information you typed into the Accounts section of Outlook when you created the account.

You need to make sure that all the details are correct.

Is is a POP3 account or IMAP?

Do you have the correct SMTP server name?

Who is you Internet Service Provider that you are trying to get email from?

This is not a Macbook thing, the settings required for email accounts apply equally to Mac and Windows


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I am not sure if I should be using

pop or IMAP. I think it is pop since that is what it was on my PC. How can I tell which one I should be using? How do I know what server to use for SMTP etc. I am trying to retrieve my email from Time Warner Cable New York. They have Road Runner. I understand this is not a Macbook problem, just thought someone could help me set up my road runner mail in outlook. Thanks for all your help.


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Go to this link,

Click on the Support tab.

Enter your ISP name (Time Warner), your State and City.

Then select Email from the next page and ALL the information you need, including step by step instructions on how to set up Outlook

Let us know how you get on

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This is something I already know

how to do. I just wish to receive my outlook mail from my mac. going to the time warner's web mail is just receiving my road runner mail from time warner cable's server. If I get microsoft outlook working, I can get my address book and email addresses but I cannot do that if I just go to time warner's web server. I will have to try and figure this out. Thanks.


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Wonder why you didn't read the link

or follow the instructions on how to configure Outlook to receive mail on your Mac.

Go there again and read the section on email.

It contains ALL the details of the Mail Servers, POP and SMTP, that you will need to configure your version of Outlook.

I don't see where I mentioned Web Mail in my first post to you or why you would think that I did.


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I read WebMail when I clicked on

the link you sent to me. I truly did not see anywhere on the site where it indicated setting up outlook email. I will try this again being very careful not to miss anything and will let you know tomorrow. Thanks for all your help. Be well....

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check this page
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Thanks for the message

I have not tried creating Outlook to my Macbook yet. I am having other issues which I am hoping you might can help me with. I have a Macbook with 2.4 GHz intel core 2 duo - with 2 GB - 1067 MHz DDR3. Now last night my computer started to run very very slow. Something it has not done before. I am not saving anything to my hard drive. What could be the problem?

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"I am not saving anything to my hard drive"

may be a clue.

Why are you not saving anything to your hard drive?

Is it because you cannot save stuff there?

A failing HD can cause the slowdown you describe.

More details please


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Failing HD ?

I am not saving to my hard drive because I don't want to load it up with stuff as I don't think the 2 GB is enough memory for all the stuff I am doing. I just recently started using this macbook for about one month now. Had it for over a year or so but just never used it. Now it is my primary computer. Should I be taking it in for a checkup?


p.s. I do notice that the less stuff I have open on my desk top the faster the computer.

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You are confusing Hard Drive space with RAM

they are two different things.

you have not said which Macbook you actually have but you have at least 120GB of hard drive space in our MacBook.
This is space that holds all your applications, documents, pictures, etc. and the Operating System.

RAM (Random Access Memory) on the other hand, is where your applications are housed when you launch them. As you only have 2GB of RAM, it would not be unusual to hear that your computer is slowing down when you have lots of applications open.
One solution to that problem is to install more RAM.
Visit and use their configuration tool to determine how much more RAM you can install in your Macbook.
Depending on the age of your Macbook, you will probably be able to double the amount of RAM installed. Note that you would have to discard the two RAM modules that are already in the Macbook as there are only two RAM slots.

The other solution is to not have a lot of applications open at once.


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