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Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 Installation

Dec 27, 2008 3:13AM PST

I am writing this post in response to a previous post I made which was locked due to a misunderstanding. I have included the original post below, followed by my latest response to all this.

---- Original Post ----
by "ag400187"

I recently purchased Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 for my computer running Windows XP Media Center Edition. However, during the installation, the power went out. When it was restored, I restarted the computer and signed in. Nothing appeared to be broken or unusual. However, when I attempted to resume the installation, I was told that an error had occured during the installation. My only option was close, so I clicked it. I then went in and erased everything in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office" and deleted everything I could find on "Microsoft Office" in the registry. However, all of this yielded nothing. I still received and am receiving the same generic error, which tells me nothing about what exactly is happeneing. Thanks!

---- Response by "R. Proffitt" ----
Entitled "There's really good news here."

Those Enterprise versions come with great support because of the thousands of bucks you part with for the priviledge.

Please take advantage of what you paid for.

---- Response by "ag400187" ----
Entitled "Support Is Not Cheap."

I obtained this product for $25 from my employer. I went to the Microsoft Tech Support page, who told me that for $100 per response, I could obtain an email solution, and for $250 per response I could obtain a telephone or live chat solution. I am not a business, I am running this on a home computer. Thanks, though.

---- Response by "R. Proffitt" ----
Entitled "You were ripped off."

That's a form of piracy and your employer could stand to lose lots of money for doing this.

Please read our forum policy about this issue. Because it's pirated goods this thread gets locked.

===== This concludes the previous communication. Anything from this point on is new. =====

This software, I am certain, was not pirated. In fact, I bought it through Microsoft as part of their "Home Use Program" (see "" for more details. I am a US Government employee and know for a fact that this software was purchased and sold legitimately. Thanks!

Discussion is locked

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The exchange of funds changed this from
Dec 27, 2008 4:11AM PST

"Home use program" to piracy. Locked.

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PS. Yes I did.
Dec 27, 2008 4:14AM PST

Check out the home use program. This discussion must remain locked as I can't see where the funds flow from you to Microsoft. It looks like simple piracy so far. Sorry about that but you have a support channel at your work. Please use them.

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PS. A moderator alert has been made on this post.
Dec 27, 2008 4:35AM PST

Let's see what other moderators think of this. Microsoft does have new programs that come out from time to time. "The Ultimate Steal" deal being a fine example where people got Office for such a low price.