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Microsoft Office 2003 60 Day Trial

HP Model a1253w Desktop PC
Windows XP Pro, Media Center 2005 with Update Rollup 2
Microsoft Service Pack 2
I.E. 6.0, SP2

This software was pre-installed on my PC, and the trial ended last week. Since I only use M/S Works 8.0, I didn't bother purchasing M/S Office after the trial ended, and uninstalled it from Add/Remore Programs.

My problem, and I don't know if it has anything to do with uninstalling M/S Office or not, is that I can't open certain files. I get the following message:

Works cannot open "C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\Lovelight Chiffon Cake.doc". The file may be in use by another application, the file format may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt.

I have tried to open the files with M/S works, Word Pad but nothing seems to work. All of these files were on my old PC and transferred to this one if that makes any difference. Most of them have the .doc extension.

Anyone know how to open these files? I'd really like to make that cake. LOL

Thanks for any help.


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Works Won't Open .doc Files
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Agree with Grif....if you need Office, go for it. If not

go with Open can download it and use it free.


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Re: tried to open the files with ... Word Pad but ...

WordPad should open up many of the Word .doc document files. It would not be my preference, since it will have some formatting difficulties with more complex Word doc files, but it may be workable for you.

Some versions of Works (notably Works Suite) will actually have the Word program included. Which does not seem to be your case, for now.

If I did not want to spend the bucks to buy Word (or Works Suite w/Word) then I would definitely go with OpenOffice, as had already been suggested. OpenOffice is a very good, free MS Office (not just Word) replacement.

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You have already received some good advice BUT...

you can also open ANY *.doc file in NOTEPAD and although the file will initially show a page of garbage as you scroll down the page the unformatted TEXT of the document will allear in readable English (or whatever language it was written in originally).

An interesting thing to note is that the FIRST plain text will be editing alterations of the document followed by some more garbage then the actual document text.

I mention this because sometimes you can't open a file but really need to do so RIGHT NOW! and NOTEPAD allows you to do so. Your best option however was already mentioned and is to download either OpenOffice or 602PC Suite 4.2

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Well, Open Office is

93 MB's and on this dial-up at 24 Kbps it would take about 14 hours to download. I decided to download the Word Viewer at 11 Mb, and it is doing the job just fine. For those documents that I want to ammend, I copied the contents of the file to Microsoft Works and created a new file and it is working just fine.

I'll keep Open Office in mind when we get DSL here.

Many thanks to all of you for you help. I really appreciate your time and efforts.

Have a great day!


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What I meant to say

is that I copied and pasted the documents to M/S Works because I don't want to have to think which program I should open the .doc files with. LOL

I know that I could edit the text in Word Viewer, but M/S Works gives me more options.

Thanks again.


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Be sure to let us know how the cake turns out.

I might stop in for a piece if I ever go by. Hope that you really like the new [relatively] computer. Far better than mine, LOL.

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The cake turned out great!

Hi Ray:

Sure wish I could share it with all of you. This is my favorite recipe. I bake it for all birthdays.

I misplaced the hard copy and was shocked when I went to print the copy on the PC and it wouldn't open. I had opened other .doc files prior to Office's trial running out and never thought I wouldn't be able to open them after the trial expired. Other than that I really like this PC.

Are you saying that my PC is better than yours? I find that hard to believe. LOL

Good to hear from you. Take good care.


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New question re: MS Offic Standard Edition 2003 Students &

HP Model a1253w Desktop PC
Windows XP Media Center 2005 Microsoft Service Pack 2
I.E. 6.0, SP2

As mentioned, I removed the trial version of MS Office Standard Edition 2003 Students & Teachers 60 Day Trial
from Add/Remove Programs, but I still have MS Office Standard Edition 2003 in there. Is it safe to remove it also? I can't use many of features so believe it should be removed, but thought I should ask first.

I probably never should have activated it in the first place.

Any advice will be appreciated.


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(NT) (NT) You should be able to remove anything you don't want
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Hi Shirley

Why do you want to remove it??? Are you paying extra for it? I'm confused about the history from the original post.

If it is for no additional cost, why dump it???

Are you getting some message about the Standard Edition??? Can it be opened and used???

If you already paid for it, keep it. That's a fairly expensive program.

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Hi Ray

Welcome back! Haven't ''seen'' you for a couple of weeks. On vacation?

No, I didn't pay for
Office. It came pre-installed with a 60 day trial period which has expired. When I open Power Point, Excell, etc. many of the features are greyed out and I am asked to convert/purchase to use them. I don't use Office and don't want to purchase it. Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 Students & Teachers Trial was listed in Add/Remove Programs and I removed it, but MS office Standard Edition 2003 in now listed.
If I remove it will it cause any problems? Was thinking of making a Restore Point before I remove it just in case something goes wrong.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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If It Doesn't Work Correctly & You Don't Want It..

...then uninstall it. The Add/Remove Programs entry might be the remnants of the "trial" version. If you don't want it, it can be safely removed as long as you're aware that you will no longer be able to create/view files that have Office extensions. That is, unless you reinstall a different program such as "OpenOffice" (cheap/free) which allows you to work with such files.

Still, you might want to verify that you don't actually have the "full" Student version of Office 2003. It may have been included with your purchase. If you've got the CD and you don't have to pay extra for it, you might want to keep it. The Student version is selling for more than $100 in most areas.

Hope this helps.


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Restore will not bring Office back

Just to let you know, in case you might have been thinking otherwise, since you mentioned "making a Restore Point before I remove it just in case something goes wrong"

The Windows Restore will not bring an application (such as the programs within Office) back. Restore will get drivers and registry entries back to the restored point, but it will not bring back data or applications.

The intent of Window's Restore is to "remember" the drivers and registry entries at some point where you were or hoped to be "stable." Thus if you run into operational problems later, you can bring back that level of operation.

Some programs, if they comply with being Restore restorept.api-compliant installer, will automatically trigger a Restore point. Other times it is a good idea to manually create a Restore Point.

It might be a good idea for you to make a restore Point before uninstalling some programs, like Office, but I don't want you to think it will bring Office back.

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Hi Chuck & Grif

Thank you, Chuck, for the "heads up". I didn't know that by creating a restore point I couldn't get Office back. I guess that is what "Application Recovery" is for on this PC, although Office isn't on there.

I know that it is a trial version because I don't have a cd for it. For that matter I didn't get any cd's except a three month free trial cd for AOL. I threw that in the trash with all the other cd's AOL sends me. LOL

I don't think I created any files with Office, I just explored what it had, but I have decided to keep it just in case, and until I can download Open Office.

Thanks for the help from both of you. I really appreciate it.


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re: I don't think I created any files with Office

FYI, Uninstalling Office, or using the Windows Restore will not harm any files you created with Office, or any other files you created. Even if you remove Office, the file you create should still be there.

Any files you create will still be there, wherever they were when you created or placed them. That way, if you later install a program to open, or edit, those files, you still can.

I recommend OpenOffice, as some one already suggested, as a great (and free) alternative to MS Office.

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Hi Chuck

Tks again for the info. Even though I have had a PC since Jan., 2000, I still have a lot to learn.

I installed the FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER and am in the process of d/l Open Office. On dial-up it takes about 19 hours. I read that it is a very good idea to use a download manager so if I have to shut down the PC I can resume the d/l where I left off. I am 28% through the d/l and it took about five hours. Only 14 more to go!!! I sure wish I could get dsl here.

Thanks again.


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I had a similar setup with my

HP notebook. It came with a 60 day trial version of Office 2003. It also had the option to purchase the Student and Teachers version. That might explan why you found it in the add/remove programs. Too bad you can't find someone with cable of DSL to download Open Office for you.

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