Installing XP on today's machines is not for the timid or "most of us." The troubles are leading me to write "it's not worth the effort."

Having written that read in this forum a troublesome Office 2003 install and the early advice (should have been more forceful about that advice) was to uninstall the Office 2007 DEMO before Office 2003.

-> NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. Yup, that's true. I'm finding many want help but in some cases only a "Computer Coach", your personal on site support, or "The Guy" is the answer. You tell them what you want and they fix your machine to do what you want.

This level of support costs but for some it is the only solution.

Why is that? I think part of it has to do with all the minutia. The small details that matter. For example I read your post twice and see missing details PLUS you are not taking the issue back to the people who did you wrong. For example "purchased xp and had it installed, now a dual os; yet, the problems persist" is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. It's the place, persons who did that.

Besides, Vista hate it or not, it is working fine at the office and here.

I'm running it right now with Office 2003 just super.