MIC NOT WORKING (Razer Kraken 7.1, Windows 10)

I have windows 10 in a custom PC that I recently built. My headset/audio input/output is the 'Razer Kraken 7.1' which has a built in mic that I can confirm does work as I use it often on various other devices. I have tried everything to get the mic to work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and got nothing. I have configured every setting possible on the 'Manage Audio Devices' window. I have purchased an audio splitter AND a USB audio adapter. I APPRECIATE ANY FEEDBACK AND I HOPE I CAN GET IT WORKING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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Reporting: MIC NOT WORKING (Razer Kraken 7.1, Windows 10)
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If the one mic does not work with PC even after ...

If the headset mic doesn't work with this PC even after you try the USB audio adapter, this points to a failed mic. Try it on another PC then get the headset exchanged.

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The Mic works on my Xbox in party chat

I haven't tried it on another PC but it works on Xbox just fine so the mic must be functioning.

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Actually that only tells you it works on the Xbox.

All this means is something isn't working. Also, which Xbox as pc audio ports are to big compared ot the xbox one.

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Xbox One

What do you mean by too big. Xbox One controllers use a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

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There are a few "standards" out there.

There's the 3 ring stereo jack, the 4 ring with the mic and then varied PCs with single jacks (that often support mic) and then audio connections on PCs that take a stereo jack and a mic jack.

Since "it doesn't work" isn't enough here, detail not only the headset but which audio system and jack(s) you are using.

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All of them

I have tried the all of the rear ports. As well as all of the front ports. As mentioned previously, I have tried a USB audio adapter and an audio splitter. It might be useful if I mention I am also using a male to female audio extension cable. Which I can confirm is working and even when I do not use it. Still no luck with the mic.

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Since I can't find out more about the ring count.

I think it's time to get an estimate to fix it at the shops.

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Fix What?

If you're talking about the mic then that cannot be the case because It works. And the PC has nothing wrong with it.

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I goofed there a bit.

You can still tell me if this is a 4 or 5 ring connection and the adapter. I think the mic could be fine too but nothing tells us it's compatible with your PC. For example it could be a mono mic to a stereo min input and the ring count on the pin jacks is how I tell if that's going to be a possible problem source.

I feel you are frustrated so maybe it's time to take it to the shop?

Here I count rings, know about mono, stereo mics and pin ring counts to clue me into where the issue is. But I know folk that don't want to know this, they just want it to work.

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Still confused.

Well my headset/mic has 3 rings, which I understand gauges that it has a built in mic and therefore the splitter is unnessecary. I would like to add that the male to female extension cable has only two rings. I can provide pictures of everything if necessary.

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OK but

You have resisted, delayed and only now can I write the mic is MONO and the input is stereo. You can go on about the mic is fine but how do you know if the mic is really getting to an input of the inputs?

This is a lot of time to lose over a mic issue. I know folk do not want to share the little details but here we are many posts in.

You have a mono mic going to a stereo input that I'm not sure works. You need a stereo mic to test that and then an Ohm meter to see how those adapter cables are wired.

And still you have drivers, settings to work if they are in play.

This is why it's time for a repair tech or counter. At the office we usually cure these in under a half hour. Even if we have to put in a new sound card. The goal is not to fight with onboard audio if it gives us trouble. The goal is to get it working. Sound cards are cheap, service is expensive.

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Anything that can be done at home?

I live in a small village far away from any shops, especially of this sort. I have no means of transportation. I need possible solutions to possible problems. I could buy and fit a sound card myself. However, I have no remaining PCI Express slots. Once again I can provide pictures of anything you need.

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Pictures won't do.

As to the sound card, here's the under 8 dollar devices that I always carry on a call like yours along with my own mic and USB headset.


As to what to do, it appears you don't have an Ohm meter or a stereo mic to test with so you are left to find support or something else. Sometimes we just don't have the right parts to make what we have work.

-> All that aside, there is no standards for sound card settings (controls) so I can't guide folk on settings unless I happen to have the exact same system, OS and drivers. I hope someday this will change.

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I already have a USB Sound card.

I have a USB sound card, which does work. I don't understand the testing part. Do you think it would be wise to purchase a new headset that I know works? Or should I purchase a stand alone mic?

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Re: mic

Does another mic work on this PC? With the built-in audio adapter? With the USB one?

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Bluetooth Mics Works

I cannot find another mic to test it but I am working on it. I have tested multiple bluetooth headsets and can confirm that they do work.

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"I have a USB sound card, which does work."

Use what works. We know the onboard mic input is stereo, the mic in the Kraken looks to be mono so there can be an issue of adapter wiring. Or driver, driver setting. To unravel this, it looks like a shop or tech visit is required.

But as you wrote "I have a USB sound card, which does work." I'd call it a day.

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