Mexican consulates holding 'citizenship clinics'

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Reporting: Mexican consulates holding 'citizenship clinics'
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(NT) no problem as long as it is within the law
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So you would be okay with

US citizens going to another country and change citizenship solely to alter that other country's elections? For the sole reason that our President didn't like one of the candidates in that other country?

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nothing illegal

as I said, if it is within the law, there is nothing illegal. It would be no different than other organizations who registered voters in order to influence the vote. Remember Acorn, the Tea party and others. Once they do become american citizens they can vote for who they want. I wonder how many is taking advantage of the help in getting on the fast track towards US citizenship Happy

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All "fast tracked" citizenship needs to be revoked

For a person to become a true citizen in any country, he needs to reside there for a decent period of time like 5-10 years, learn the language reasonably well, and the history.

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5-10 sounds like a prison sentence

Could you consider one election cycle instead? I could agree that a person asking for citizenship should declare an intent to stay here and to contribute but I don't see a practical way to implement such a policy. Just as government is continuously looking for new sources of revenue, so are our two parties looking for new (unclaimed) voters. That's one reason this illegal immigrant problem has come to the forefront. Policies have been in place for a long time but the executive branch...that which is responsible for enforcement...has not done its job.

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prison? Has no application here

They can live in the country like others while waiting for citizenship, but not be allowed to vote until a sufficient number of years have passed where they can become established in the country better, have a better knowledge of our government and the issues here. Also keep too many foreign born people from coming into a community and overrunning it's legal processes simply by excess of number and then given the vote, a weapon for them to accomplish it. No need for people to invade with a gun if they can do it as illegals who then get the vote and use that to take over.

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I'm not disagreeing but, as I read, 5 years

is the period of time one needs to establish that they are of good moral character. I've no problem with the policy as written. We just haven't followed it and it's gotten to where silence means consent. When you allow something like this to go on for decades and decades, you're stuck and no finger pointing helps. I'd need to think the policy must be replaced and it cannot be more stringent than the original after being lax for this long. Maybe something like:
-having no criminal record or outstanding warrants in your native country,
-having a sponsor in the US, and means of self support

That should be enough to qualify for a probationary period. The sponsor could be an employer or an other person willing to take full responsibility for the person's basic needs. That period could be less than 5 years...perhaps 3...after which a petition for full citizenship could be made. Once accepted the person could vote and would never again face the prospect of deportation.

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Actions have consequences

Thank Trump?

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So, in your opinion, only

Republicans should be held accountable for any actions taken by liberals because they brought it on by opposing those actions?

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Is that what you see/think?
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dont know why anyone is concerned about this

No country can flood the US in order to vote. Not even Mexico. You must be a US citizen in order to vote in any Federal Election. It takes at least five year to go through the process to become a US citizen.


That is why I said in my posts, as long as they are following the legal process I have no problems. It is a long complicated process to become a US citizen and any mistakes can be a set back. All the Mexican consulates are doing is educating and helping legal immigrants with the process. By making sure the proper paperwork is filled out, by making sure all t's are crossed and i's are dotted the first time, it puts them on the fast track.

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