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Memory Virus?

I've been having some trouble with my computer for quite some time now and I think that it must be a virus or Trojan of some sort. Let me make this as brief as possible, my computer has two HDD's, "C" and "D", the one I'm having trouble with is the C drive which has 15GBs. The problem is that the drive gets used up and I get those "you are running out of space" messages on the task bar, and if I check on the drives properties sometimes it reaches O bytes of free space. If I explore the C drive and check the properties of each folder in there, which only 4 show up (Documents and Settings, Drivers, Program Files and WINDOWS) they don't add up to the full 15GBs, that's why I think that there's something wrong and possibly something else is hiding all that memory.

My computer is a Vaio PCV-RS 520 running Windows XP.

Please let me know if you have any tips or info to solving this problem, thanks for your time.


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Does your Anti Virus find anything?

You also could run an on-line scan:

Please run the Housecall online virus scan located at:
Follow the prompts to scan your hard drive for viruses. Select the "Autoclean" option so that Housecall will remove any viruses from your system.
When the scan is finished, please restart your computer.

When was the last time you defragged your computer?

How to Defragment Your Disk Drive Volumes in Windows XP

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Yes I do

I use the AVG free edition version 7.5.519 with the Virus base 269.22.13/1376 which I updated today, and I have scanned my computer countless times in the past years but never found anything which after deleting would solve the problem. So I was thinking it could be a tougher virus or something.

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Did you run Housecall?

..... and it came up CLEAN also?

Do you have CCleaner?

If NO:

Download: CCleaner
Once installed, disable your protection programs that could prevent registry changes, run CCleaner click the Windows tab

Select the following:
Internet Explorer:
Temp Internet
Recently Typed URLs
Delete Index.dat files

Empty Recycle Bin
Temporary Files
Memory Dumps
Chkdsk File Fragments
Old Prefetch Data

Next: click Options click the Settings tab
Uncheck: "Only delete files older than 48 hrs.", click Ok
Then click Run Cleaner (bottom right) then Exit (reboot)

Did you defrag your computer?

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yeah it came up clean except for that stupid Generic_c.IKY but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it, and I've already taken care of it.

No I haven't defraged the C drive because it tells me that I need at least 15% usable free space to run properly and if I defrag it anyway it doesn't fix anything afterwards.

I will download CCleaner and try what you said.
Though after you mentioned the different sections to search on I thought of mentioning that my recycle bin doesn't work, I can double click on it as many times as I want and it won't work, and it's been like that for a long time. Also, there's many other problems such as that on my desktop, like those "quick links/icons" that usually are next to the start tab aren't there, and my wallpaper doesn't work, I just have a light blue screen. I dunno if it's all related, but I always thought that virus was causing it all.

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I tried following the instructions

but the path it tells me to search doesn't exist in my computer :/

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Does this work.....
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Ok I downloaded CCleaner.

I ran it and it cleaned up A LOT of crap that was sitting around in my computer but it only managed to free up about 400 MB :/ no where near the amount of memory that seems to be hidden in my drive.

Also, I tried the Housecall online virus scan but I couldn't ran it because when it starts a message pops up saying "Warning, the HouseCall-API did not define a Native Binary!." so it just stays idle.

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Here is a different link......
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It's really weird

I tried the link and at first it was working, then my browser crashed and when I opened it again and tried it once more it went back to doing the same error of yesterday. :/

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Bit Defender on-line scan.......

Maybe you can give this one a try:

Please perform a BitDefender Online Virus and Malware Scan

# Click on I Agree.
# An ActiveX warning box will appear, click on Install.
# Under Select What You Want To Check For Viruses.
# Please Check My Computer and Click Ok
# Now Click On "Click Here" To Scan

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I'll give it a try after all the other things

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Doubtful that you have anything ...

and your hard drive is STORAGE, not memory. RAM is memory.

There will be a lot on the hard drive that "won't show up". Unless you have configured "My Computer" or Windows Explorer to show hidden and system files they will not show up. Files in your "Recycle Bin" will not show up although they do take up storage. Your page file takes up storage space.

What you see if you right click on a drive and select Properties is an accurate rendition of used and free storage space on the drive.

If you would rather you could open a command prompt (Start | Run | type CMD.EXE and click OK) and enter the following command DIR and press the enter/return key. depending on what directory it opened in the window will print a long or short list of files and directories and when it stops will have, near the bottom of the screen, a number of File(s) then on the same line a number of bytes. Just beneath that will be a number and the words bytes free. those bytes free are the amount of storage you have available on the drive.

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I understand what you are saying

but even so with hidden folders and files or not the amount of storage space that the computer says the occupy doesn't not amount to 15Gb, it doesn't get anywhere near it. That's why I'm concerned about what is taking so much space on the drive, and whatever it is, where is it hiding because I haven't been able to find it.

About the recycle bin issue, it's not that it doesn't show it's contents but that it doesn't open at all, after the double clicking the icon or by accessing it through My Computer nothing happens. No window pops up, nothing at all.

And also there's this other issue, because one time when the computer told me it had ran out of space on the C drive I shut down the computer and the next day when I restarted it it had created a new account called "TEMP" which I guess stands for Temporary. Now I have no idea why it did this, but I figured it must have been caused by the lack of storage space on the drive.

Here's a screenshot of what the directory looked like after I used the command you game me, note how it says "TEMP", and how it says that the free space is only 324Mb and that doesn't get anywhere near a reasonable amount of free space that there should be in a 15GB drive.

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The symptoms you have described ...

do NOT indicate any viral activity.

They do indicate that possibly you have hidden files and a large browser cache and possibly a large swap file.

The DIR command is pretty accurate and if you REALLY wanted to see where every single byte was used it could show you but it would get rather tedious. The command cd\ followed by the command DIR /s > c:\usedspace.txt would list every file in every directory EXCEPT hidden files in a text file named usedspace.txt in the root directory of your hard drive. It would be very long but if you wanted to take the time you could see and add up all the bytes in all the directories. The command cd\ followed by the command dir /a:H /s > hiddenfiles.txt would then create a file where you could locate all hidden files and list their sizes which again you could open in Notepad to add them up.

Regarding the new information that you can't seem to open your "Recycle Bin", do you by chance have Nortons or possibly V-Com's or some other Undelete utility installed as they essentially override Windows "Recycle Bin"?

If you want to see graphically where all the drive space is used up there are several graphical utilities available that show you. one such can be downloaded and installed from here:

Others that offer even more detail can be tried from here:
and here:

Quite seriously, you DO NOT have any viral problem, just hidden files you aren't considering the potential size of.

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I see...

...well I'm gonna try the things you mentioned and I really hope I can fix the problem, I'll reply soon after I try everything.

Thank you

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