Hi jaskee,

I would accept no substitute. SanDisk are among the best---if not THE BEST---flash card maker. They invented key portions of flash memory technology and hold many patents. Their competitors pay them royalties. They've continued to stay on top of the technology and their cards are usually the fastest and very dependable. I've purchased many SanDisk cards for my own use over the years and have been very happy.

I would NEVER buy a knockoff. You will have no warranty and it is doubtful that you would have the same performance and reliability. Plus you'd be giving your money to a thief!!!

I do a lot of business on eBay and would recommend them for many things. But you need to do due dilligence before you buy. I would not risk a purchase with an untrustworthy seller even with a PayPal guarantee because of the hassle.

Have you tried Amazon.com? The last time I checked, you could pick up a 16 GB SanDisk microSD card for around $40. You may have to check often because prices fluctuate frequently (sometimes they change several times each day).

Best regards, WiredNot