Blackberry 7220: Carrier Nextel - THis opens up the4 real of Nextels Data Platform which is second to none, even if thier marketing is horendous. The Phone itself is a little bulky, but it offers a great business solution, direct connect, and GPS. Other than that it rocks the same features as the rest of the Blackberry's best i can tell. It is essentially a 7510 with the GPS support to meet FCC mandate.

Motorola MPX220: Cranking Windows PDA OS, Blue Tooth, and is very small. I would say it is a more comfortable size than the Razr, and wont cost an arm and a leg, more like a pinky and a big toe. I am not sure if it is issued with a speaker phone option, but it si definatly a phone to check out.

Danger Sidekick: T-Mobile's secret weapon. This puppy could run a small office. Equipped with a digital camera /w flash, Qwerty keyboard, speakerphone, Nice sized display, and allows for actually html content. This is definatly a sweet ride if you need to do alot of office work on the road. Only complaint is size, but hey for all it does some sacrifices need to be made.

Gotta say these are the top 3 phones thus far. Gadget wise of course. They are definatly powerful enough to handle a great deal of business functions away from the office.