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Meet a REAL job-creator

As opposed to the mythical ones the Republicans keep talking about:

I am not in love with this guy, and some of the stuff he does just confuses the hell out of me, but I must give credit where it is due. During the 2008 campaign he promised to make funds available to start up small business's. Seems like a no brainer but the government traditionally does not do that. It guarantees loans to existing small business's but start ups are another matter. It almost never loans money to restaurants, viewing them as too risky. Unless they are part of a corporate chain like McDonalds with proven success records. Even though corporate franchises destroy local economy's to support multi national corporations.
The current White House administration made good on that promise and put out a few hundred million dollars to use for small business start ups. Long story short: I applied, I got approved and I created 10 jobs and in the first four months of business I have moved more than $60,000 through the local economy, most of that in payroll.

He also adds a nice comment on how he "built this."

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a great story

Here we have a guy talking about what he did with what he had, instead of someone complaining about how the current government is taking away his opportunities.

Obviously this guy will never be featured on a Fox News segment.

(Fox News is the MSM)

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Well, you know....

....if his business succeeds, he did it all by himself. If it fails, it's the government's fault, specifically the Democrats.


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Wait just a minute here...

He got a $100,000 government loan. The last time I checked, that meant taxpayer money. Shouldn't you and I be getting some thanks and credit too? Wink

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(NT) Don't forget Obama.
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Isn't that who he's crediting?

How wonderful it must be to get credit for giving away someone else's money. Happy

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and yet, republicans claim BO has failed to create jobs

Here we have a case of BO giving away tax payers money creating jobs, after he didn't create jobs when he gave away tax payer dollars.

BO... you dirty flip flopper you.

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that would be a hard thing to do huh?
# 0774023179 # 077 40 23 179 #

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(NT) lol
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(NT) It's a spam post, Grim.
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(NT) If this is spam, send up a few alerts and mods will vote.
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Just suspicious

The number string repeats in every post the person has made. Reminds me of some international phone #s. It can't be an accident.

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google it and it shows up in other forums too.

it was still funny.

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(NT) Funny?'re just a good and kind audience. (-:
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(NT) see, that was funny, too. ^_^
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it was still funny, Steven.

at least the guy took the time to make an appropriate comment. That's more than can be said about some regulars here.


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what is an appropriate comment?

spammers the world over want to know. I see the same sort on Yahoo forums. Typically they agree with some post and add their spam in it.

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What's funny is that such spammers don't usually bother

to read and understand the conversations they've joined. Any actual relevance to a discussion is purely accidental.

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You mean to say, he didn't do it by himself?

Sounds like something Obama would say...


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You mean he's actually paying it back, too?

And did anybody mention that the banks were told specifically by the FEDS to NOT lend money out even when somebody applying had stellar credit? IF the banks COULDN'T lend out the money and the ONLY place you COULD get it was from the FEDS (stimulus money used??), isn't that a little bit suspicious in that the millions/billions LOST on failed green jobs gets shuffled into the background because of one or two success stories that AREN'T green and so BO can tout those famous words of 'you didn't built it' least not without MY help, buddy? IF the banks had been ALLOWED to lend, and IF they had given him the startup money, the story would be the same but the credit would be going to the BANK or the OWNER of the company instead.

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Banks have never been prevented from lending.

Lending practices of banks have nothing to do with BO or green jobs or much of anything contained in your comment.

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There are so many myths and false statements.... Toni's post I don't know where to start.

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well, this reflects modern politics

If you raise enough questionable innuendo, and give enough platitudes, then you can create an emotional level of doubt that will sway the flood of support over to your side. It never matters if it deals with reality.

Lois runs for mayor

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I tell you one thing,I don't wish this guy ill wiil....

But after reading his menu,I'll be surprised if He's in business a year from now. The numbers you see are preceeded by a $ sign!

Give me a break here! ONE EGG any style $3????,Two eggs any style with home fries $7$$$$,Blueberry Pancakes for $10 friggin dollars????????????? ***??? A slice of chocolate cake $9???? Huh ?

If you put a high price and a fancy name on a damn turd,you can sell it to any elite MORON!!!! This whole menu reminds of the "Penn and Teller" show,*******t.They actually gave NYC water out of a garden hose to elite mororns and passed it off as fancy high priced water!!

This episode is quite hilarious and I recommend everyone watch it,I especailly liked when the waiter offered his patrons "Agua De Culo" and they loved

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That was fun to watch

When discussing the importance of clean water, I often point to our bird bath which I carefully clean and fill from the garden hose. What comes next are birds who bathe in it, crap in it, and then drink from it. They fly away unharmed. What more evidence do we need?

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Unconventional consumer advocates,but effective ones

Penn is a Libertarian which explains alot.

What hit home is when they said people buy Dasani and Aquafina which are Coke and Pepsi without the syrup for more than the price of gasoline!! Kind of makes you wonder about the power of marketing Happy

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The classic comment about a successful salesman is

that he could sell refrigerators to Eskimos.

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reminds me of the two shoe salesmen

They were sent to Africa to open a new market area. One wrote back months later, said he was broke, it was a lost cause, that nobody wore shoes over there. The second wrote back and said to double his stock order since everyone needed shoes over there and he'd already sold out of what he had.

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