You may have to go into the registry to get it resolved, but before all that, type in files & folders Windows MediaPlayer. When you have all the files/folders, select edit and delete all. In the registry, there are many media players but the ones you want to delete are media player 10 & 9.0. Certain ones will stay but the ones above should go. Now you can download a new MP10.exe Windows Media Player 10. If you have the toolbar listed as checked on Windows Media Player, that needs to be unchcked, right click on the toolbar and that is there. If you find a lot of Media Player in the registry go to the furthest link on the right and that is the whole key for all in the registry - and to use the registry, you go to run, type in regedit and this will take you to the registry, at the top is Edit click on that and the then go to find and type in media player. F3 will search on each one you find and go thru the registry until it says done searching. Now your other question on copying and pasting on word docs. First you have to to highlight it by running the cursor over what you want left click and highlight your words ie "I also have problems pasting stuff" and that took a right click to copy(left on) the highlighted part and a click to paste it here "You are posting a Reply to: media player". I just copied and pasted 2 parts of your information (Posted by: Chris_vth (see profile) - 04/27/2006 2:25 AM) Darrell L.