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Meanwhile back in the shadows

Shadowy Groups Have Poured Nearly $227 Million Into 2010 Elections

Oil and gas industry services and investors have contributed $415,000 from their company coffers to fund a group blasting Democratic Senate candidates in four states with attack ads.

A North Carolina pharmaceutical executive has spent $3.3 million of his personal wealth to spearhead another group that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on mailings to influence Senate races in nine states.

Labor unions and Las Vegas resorts are largely funding a group that has focused on attacking Republican challengers to Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid's seat.

They're ALL the same.

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Ok, and just as complete nuclear disarmament

would be a good thing, who's going first? I suspect the political arms race will continue. I also think both parties should take note of the "Tea Party" movement as a sign that status quo is no no longer acceptable. People seem more willing to accept unknowns as the real "change". We know what the word means to the major parties.

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It's all good...

When everybody starts playing nice-nice and agreeing on everything, then I will get nervous. I think a big problem is that both major parties have become clones of each other.

The amounts spent on campaigns is IMO a non-issue.

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I agree about the amount spent

That's just money that keeps circulating. What I can't be happy about is the quality of the product being produced. "Truth in advertising" is an oxymoron.

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the quality of the product being produced
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Loved the babe with the old tommy gun!

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Those ads are mild compared to the ones here in NH/ MA...

Almost ALL the ads are very negative. The implication is that your opponent should not only be defeated, but arrested and strung up from the nearest tree. The only one I've seen that is not negative is one from Barney Frank of all people.

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bear in mind that Martha Coakley, a very popular Democrat in the most Democratic state of all, with the help of powerful unions, spent ten times as much in her campaign against Scott Brown and still lost. So, money isn't everything.

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We have a few independent candidates

I know immediately that they're not party attached when they begin speaking as they focus only on themselves, qualifications and their desire to serve. They bash no one, no party and never exaggerate the problems that we face. No doom and gloom...just optimism. I like that.

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On campaigning, yes, all the same

I've already got about 15 new numbers on Call Block and still newer ones have shown up I've not put on that, yet. I'm hoping I can let it slide till after the election and then add any more necessary, since most will probably end then. My favorite blocks were on 999-999-9999 and 555-555-5555.

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