McCain passes

Although more likely an Ulster Scot, this seems fitting

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Reporting: McCain passes
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at least we won't hear....

...about him and Trump clashing anymore. I wonder who will replace him? His wife?

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I think it shameful that our major news media

seems to want to focus on that rift rather than on other aspects of the senator's life.

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RE: focus on that rift

It doesn't help that POTUS has a problem flying a flag at half-staff.

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He did

You missed it?

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RE:He did

Yes, He did, didn't he?

not because HE wanted to...He was embarrassed into doing it.

HE thought 2 days was long enough....

WASHINGTON—Bowing to pressure, U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday ordered American flags at U.S. buildings lowered to half-staff for Sen. John McCain until his burial on Sunday. Trump’s proclamation came just hours after the White House flag had been returned to full-staff, drawing complaints from right and left.

Trump, who had traded bitter criticism with McCain since before the election, declared his order “a mark of respect.” At the same time, he said he’d accede to the family’s request that he stay away from McCain’s funeral services.

"a mark of respect" that he was pressured into doing?

What does THAT say about the guy?

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Say nothing...

but good of the dead

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(NT) ... to bury Caesar, not to praise him, as the poet said.
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It's about the one person and his accomplishments as a public servant and not about political turmoil that always seems to come to the fore in our press. As well, the link to the Irish parting song doesn't refer to dying but, more likely, to leaving people behind after sharing a time of friendship. We may think of Irish pubs as places where good fun turns to fighting but more often ends in reconciliation. The point should not be too difficult to understand.

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Unfortunately, McCain himself

planned his entire funeral and public wishes in great detail ahead of time....and he chose not only the speakers but some, if not all, of the words used. Yesterday, the Gov of AZ 'reminded' people about his 'I looked in Putin's eyes and saw KGB' as a slam to GWB, Sen Flake spoke about McCain being his Senate mentor (and both were/are anti-Trumpers), and it came out later that not only was Trump disinvited, but so was McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, because she dissed his campaign publicly because they reined her in when it was obvious to McCain and his team that she was more popular and better liked than McCain.

Yes, he was a war hero, but when you actually look at his Senate record with a true eye and not with adoration based on that POW status, he failed the vets miserably, disgusted and disappointed millions of Americans out of spite with that vote against repealing Obamacare after voting for it 53 times when BO was president, and many other controversial votes that went against his own constituents and the country for personal reasons/gain/agendas.

He is the one who brought politics into his memorial services, including making sure he was only the third or fourth person to lie in State at the AZ State Capitol in the State's history. I, along with millions of others, lost a lot of respect for McCain, the politician, after 2012 when we really began to see him with open eyes instead of the propaganda that swirled around him where his 'maverick' nickname was always pushed along with his POW history in order to garner votes as he needed them for his next election....which he barely won in 2016.

The coverage has turned into another Michael Jackson/Nicole Smith marathon.

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RE:Yes, he was a war hero, but when you actually look at his
Yes, he was a war hero, but when you actually look at his Senate record with a true eye and not with adoration based on that POW status, he failed the vets miserably,

It appears SOME don't bother to actually look at his Senate record when sending him off.

Trump retreated when the American Legion stood up for McCain

In YOUR world ONLY Trump supporters get the "flag at half-mast" special?
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(NT) ... and south it goes ...

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