The exact version would help. Just Virus Scan or the whole Security Suite?

Still, the instructions below should help. Security Center usually needs to be uninstalled separately from ''Add/Remove Programs''.

If for some reason, you have removed all of your other McAfee programs and SecurityCenter will still not uninstall, do the following:

1. Double-click on My Computer (on some XP systems, click Start → My Computer).
2. Double-click on drive C:
3. Double-click on the Program Files folder
4. Double-click on the folder
5. Double-click on the agent folder
6. Double-click on the app folder
7. Delete any files that end with .adf by right-clicking the file and selecting Delete
8. Use the Control Panel to remove SecurityCenter, as listed above.

When you attempt to remove The '''' folder, if you get an ''access denied'' error, you may have to remove it all in Safe Mode.

Please follow the cleanup steps in the link below..(Note there are some files and registry entries that need to be removed.):

Uninstall Steps For Each Product With McAfee Internet Security Suite 7!

And if all else fails, you may need to clean out all the registry entries using the link below:

Searching the Registry for McAfee VirusScan Files

Hope this helps.