"While underground, he and fellow member Bernardine Dohrn married, and the two remained fugitives together, changing identities, jobs and locations. By 1976 or 1977, with federal charges against both fugitives dropped due to prosecutorial misconduct (see COINTELPRO), Ayers was ready to turn himself in to authorities, but Dohrn remained reluctant until after she gave birth to two sons, one born in 1977, the other in 1980. "He was sweet and patient, as he always is, to let me come to my senses on my own", she later said.[2] The couple turned themselves in to authorities in 1980."

Ayers and Dohrn became legal guardians for the children of 2 other Weather Underground who were convicted and jailed for quite a hefty stretch since they're not out yet so far as I know.

Bill's mouth was always his worst enemy, though he could work up a crowd.

He and Ms Dohrn made a point of apologizing to everyone they could in 2000 at the time of his memoir's publication.

Personally I've changed a lot in the last 40 years, and I bet lots of other people here have too. I'd hate to be tied permanently to anything I said in a moment of heat in 1972, but then I never planted bombs or gave knowing aid and comfort to those who did.