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Maybe worth a listen

Huntsman ends his campaign

I can certainly agree with his comments on the deterioration of campaigning and electoral process. IMO, we should be ashamed of ourselves in the way we treat those who aspire to govern. The mention of "too big to fail banks" was also good. Businesses that make bad decisions should not expect taxpayers to prop them up and bail them out. Neither should government, IMO.
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I agree about the bailout

In reply to: Maybe worth a listen

Should have helped the people that were in trouble rather than the ones that caused it.


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Businesses that make bad decisions

In reply to: Maybe worth a listen

not being bailed out, ok.

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Is he a sellout?

In reply to: Maybe worth a listen

Get bought off by Romney?

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In reply to: Maybe worth a listen

one of the reasons he left the campaign was mentioned in at least one news stories....his father revoked his $5M donation to the campaign. Evidently the father could see the handwriting on the wall and as a good businessman couldn't see the point in spending good money going after a bad shot. He had some good ideas but I didn't care for his foreign policy attitudes.

I'm really hoping that whomever does get the nomination that they are smart enough to dump most of their own individual plans and incorporate ideas from the other candidates that are great ideas. I don't want somebody who is so rigid that other options aren't considered when they are far better than their own...we already have that with this president and we see where that took us.

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I'm leaning toward Santorum for President

In reply to: Surprisingly

Disgusting crap by gays against him.

When you see what the gays have been up to, both in Google and the Urban Dictionary, it helps understand why Moses just said to be rid of them, permanently. Obviously there's no end to the disgusting levels to which they will sink.

Besides that issue of Americans not taking out the trash, I like some of his other stands separate from the moral problems in this country too.
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I can't understand why gays wouldn't like him

In reply to: I'm leaning toward Santorum for President

He loves them.

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(NT) no analogy whatsoever

In reply to: RE: Moses just said to be rid of them, permanently.

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RE: no analogy whatsoever

In reply to: no analogy whatsoever

what the gays, Moses just said to be rid of them, permanently

I've covered all the bases.

gay, Moses, kill(how do you get rid of someone more permanently than killing?) I guess if a person couldn't tolerate gays he/she could move away, but I don't think you think that is an option.

Is your Moses saying not to kill them, how is he "getting rid of them permanently" without killing them?

Putting them on an Italian Cruise ship?
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don't bring children into it, assigning sexual preference!

In reply to: RE: no analogy whatsoever

that is perverted!! you should be ashamed for even offering that as an analogy.

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RE: don't bring children into it

In reply to: don't bring children into it, assigning sexual preference!

I didn't bring children into it...Moses did.

What will your response/excuse be when/if I provide a link where a gay adult was killed because they were gay?

Does your Moses advocate killing(getting rid of) gay adults?

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You reap what you sow, James

In reply to: I'm leaning toward Santorum for President

Santorum has said some pretty awful things about gays too. And blacks, recently. He also doesn't believe that Americans have a Constitutional right to privacy and that the government should be able to legislate what two consenting adults can and cannot do in their own bedrooms.

Romney is going to get the nomination despite the fact that nobody seems to be genuinely enthusiastic about him, and then he's going to lose in November.

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and when they bring it out of the bedroom?

In reply to: You reap what you sow, James

Sodomy is a crime, even if there's no law against it in some places. Same as murder being a crime, even if there's no law against it in some place. The crime doesn't change, only laws or lack of laws to deal with it.

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Re: homosexuality

In reply to: and when they bring it out of the bedroom?

Some say it's a crime (so should be punished), others say it's a disease (so should be treated and healed). That's not the same, and I don't think both can be right at the same time. There can't be a law against being ill.

And some say it's none of the two: no need to punish, no need to treat. Just accept it. Most Muslims and some Christians, however, agree on one of two above.

It's noteworthy that the Catholic Church only very recently publicly condemned homosexuality between adult priests and children and seems to have allowed it more or less silently between students on a school for priests (sorry, I don't know the right English word for such a school).


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The word you are looking for is "seminary" and

In reply to: Re: homosexuality

from what I understand, any condemnation has not been for anyone's sexual orientation but for some types of sexual behavior. That goes for such between heterosexual persons as well. As for the church being silent, this does not mean it has condoned anything. But because no findings or actions taken internally are publicly broadcast, it has made the church appear to be hiding its bad eggs and/or acting above the law.

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(NT) Why is it a crime?

In reply to: and when they bring it out of the bedroom?

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Not the point

In reply to: and when they bring it out of the bedroom?

Santorum wants to legislate what goes on IN the bedroom.

And if it's not illegal then it isn't a crime. I know of no place where murder is not illegal.

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RE: why bring it out of the bedroom

In reply to: and when they bring it out of the bedroom?


OUT of the bedroom onto the campaign trail......That's a winning ticket.

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"Incorporate ideas from the other candidates.."

In reply to: Surprisingly

Good idea! Abraham Lincoln (after elected) appointed all most all of his opponents in the race to his cabinet.
What if all the candidates became a team and among themselves voted for their choice (other than ones self) to command the oval and the rest of them to be appointed as cabinet members/Dept. heads?
Not likely to happen, I know.

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I like the guy

In reply to: Maybe worth a listen

I don't agree with some of his stands on social issues but he came across as a man of integrity and pragmatism, who was willing to say what he thought was right even when it didn't follow the party-line script. He also seemed very knowledgeable on matters of foreign affairs (no "Uzbecki-becki-becki-stan-stan" from him!).

Had he gotten the nomination he would have been a real threat to Obama's presidency. I'd have considered him as would a lot of moderates from both parties.

That he couldn't get anyone to listen to him (and that Republican voters were more enthusiastic about idiots like Bachmann, Cain and Perry) is a rather sad statement on the condition of the electoral process.

Assuming Romney loses in November, I hope Huntsman will consider trying again in 2016.

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No moderate has a chance in either party

In reply to: I like the guy

Nor anyone not willing to "cater to the base" during the primaries and try to leave enough wiggle room to creep back toward the center before the general election.

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And that's a shame

In reply to: No moderate has a chance in either party

McCain had broad appeal in 2000 (and if he had run, in 2004) because he was seen as a moderate. Then in 2008 he tried to become a party-line conservative and lost all that support from the middle and among the Democrats who liked him.

Bill Clinton ran as a centrist Democrat and was highly successful though, so it CAN work.

I'm not saying this because I'm a Democrat -- I really think Romney will get his clock cleaned in November unless Obama gets caught in bed with a sheep or something.

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There are a few huge

In reply to: And that's a shame

things I can think of immediately that will clean BO's clock during the general election debates....IF the Republican nominee has GREAT research speech writers during the debate rehersals they have....

1. All of the money spent on green energy that has gone into the toilet along with the EPA regulations that have stifled our oil/gas independence and killing jobs

2. The incredibly weak stance BO has had on foreign policy including drastic cuts in our defense

3. The DOJ and Holder blunders together with the lawsuits filed against individual States

4. The heavy-handed financial reform regulations in the Dodd/Frank bill that have tied the hands of businesses and banks from not only lending money, but also killing jobs in the process

5. The excessive national debt with no cuts to speak of regarding his personal pet projects including social security/medicare/medicaid other than the well over half a trillion that he personally cut out of Medicare to help pay for his Obamacare http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703649004575437311393854940.html

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You're forgetting a few things

In reply to: There are a few huge

1. Most reasonable people support those EPA regulations. Maybe you like breathing noxious gases and drinking water with who-knows-what in it, but most people would rather not.

2. You mean the "incredibly weak stance" that killed bin Laden, helped topple Ghadafi, has already caught/killed more terrorists than Bush did in eight years and got us out of Iraq? THAT "incredibly weak stance?" LOL

3. Nobody will care.

4. Oh yes, let's repeal those reforms so the banks can repeat what they did in '08 and finish the job of destroying the world economy.

5. The debt will come down, but not if we cut taxes to the wealthiest Americans while raising them on those who can least afford to pay. If Romney gets the nomination his 15% tax rate will not go over well with people struggling to make ends meet.

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In reply to: You're forgetting a few things

1. You don't mind spending billions (nearly a trillion already) on failed companies like Solyndra (more and more are filing bankruptcy) and the millions spent on fixing up houses that went bellyup on expensive upgrades that didn't match the appraisal market value and houses were sold at a loss? I certainly do. Most of the EPA regulations over the last three years are excessive, expensive, and impossible for existing companies to meet forcing those companies that are already in compliance with existing regulations to close down completely because this administration wants to do away with all fossil fuels....which in turn are causing fuel and electricity costs to 'necessarily skyrocket' in an economy that is now, instead of choosing between eating and buying meds, having to choose between eating AND paying the mortgage/rent or paying the heating bill.

2. The incredibily weak stance that has our leader bowing to leaders of other countries, including our enemies....the policies that got Bin Laden were already in place, helping topple Ghadafi (who wasn't threatening us 'currently' but NOT offer support and ignore without even a comment publicly to the Iranians who begged for that support, BO hasn't 'caught' ANY terrorists where we could have gleaned information...he has only supported killing them because capturing would have meant having to 'house' them somewhere and that didn't fit into his original plans to close Gitmo...it's still open but is now being used as a negotiating tool to release Taliban prisoners, and getting us out of Iraq was actually put into place by Bush...BO only hurried it along a year earlier than Bush planned for.

3. I think people still care about the border patrol agent killed with guns this DOJ allowed to walk into Mexico...I think people still feel that their states are 'at war' with the DOJ and the NLRB and that will affect how they vote.

4. It was the banks and financial institutions that were FORCED into giving housing loans to unqualified people, and it started with the Clinton administration with Freddie/Fannie guaranteeing them all. '08 only saw the total collapse of it all.

5. The debt will come down only when you have a Federal government that gets out of the banking businesses, gets out of the private sector regarding green energy and the auto industry, gets out of the student loan business, gets out of the business of giving a free hand to the EPA and NLRB that allows them to not only pursue his personal agenda but also kills jobs along the way and puts our economy in an even more precarious position with higher fuel costs so we remain nearly 100% dependent on our enemies. The debt won't come down until he realizes that massive government cuts in spending need to take place so we don't have to keep borrowing from other countries to pay those debts. With the cuts in place and government out of the way of the private sector to create jobs, the excess taxes from employed people could go automatically (by force of a Congressional bill if necessary so it doesn't get spent somewhere else) to pay down the debt quickly.

I don't care how much of a percentage Romney is paying for taxes based on 'unearned' income. I'd be almost willing to bet that BO isn't paying much more, if any, than that either. A flat tax for everybody and everything would work to make everyone 'fair and equal' and would stop this insanity of pushing this class warfare that BO keeps pushing.

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I remember him paying 20 something

In reply to: OMG...

His income is only from his job and book sales.


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RE:until he realizes that massive government cuts

In reply to: OMG...

until he realizes that massive government cuts in spending need to take place

Just as long has he doesn't touch YOUR sacred cows.

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Don't bet on that JP

In reply to: RE:until he realizes that massive government cuts

I've already publicly stated that 'my' sacred cow could be cut willingly as long as they would guarantee that the amount they reduced my social security check by would go towards the national debt. There are about 6M people total collecting some form of social security ( http://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/quickfacts/stat_snapshot/ )...if each one of us gave back via a reduction in our benefit $50 ($25 plus the COLA that we already learned to do without that they just gave to us again), and they would guarantee that it would all go toward reducing our debt, it would pay down that debt by $3B. It may not sound like much to you, but perhaps if seniors were publicly willing to give that much back to help our country, it would spur those in Congress to actually start making real cuts and agree to guarantee to put 1/4 of the money saved toward the debt as well.

Your sarcasm and assumption based on liberal news stories about how we aren't willing to put our money where our mouths are is disgustingly unAmerican...oh wait...you AREN'T an American....you just dictate to us your beliefs in how we think and feel.

If your country was in trouble and it was because of government union pensions and other austerity programs, JP, what personal sacred cow of YOURS would YOU be willing to sacrifice in order to help it?

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And there you have it, folks

In reply to: Don't bet on that JP

Toni want to ask seniors to give back some of their Social Security, money they worked for all their lives and that barely keeps food in their cabinets, but heaven forbid we should raise taxes on billionaires or cut one cent from the military budget.

Welcome to the Republican Party.

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(NT) Oh so true

In reply to: And there you have it, folks

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