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Subject: MARINES...

Two things they teach Marines:

1. Keep your priorities in order.
2. Know when to act without hesitation

A college professor, an avowed atheist, was
teaching his class.

He shocked several of his students when he flatly
stated he was going to
prove there was no God.

Addressing the ceiling he shouted: "God, if you
are real, then I would
like you to knock me off of this platform. I'll
give you 15 minutes."

The lecture room fell silent. You could have heard
a pin fall.

Ten minutes went by.

Again he taunted God, saying, "Here I am, God. I'm
still waiting."

His countdown got down to the last couple of
minutes when a Marine --
just released from active duty and newly
registered in the class --
walked up to the professor, hit him full force in
the face, and sent him
tumbling from his lofty platform.

The professor was out cold!
The students were shocked and babbled in

The young Marine took a seat in the front row and
sat, silent.

The class fell silent as well ..waiting.

Eventually, the professor came to, shaken.

He looked at the young Marine in the front row.

When the professor regained his senses and could
speak he asked: "What's
the matter with you? Why did you do that?"

"God was busy. He sent me."

One Nation Under God

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(NT) (NT) And the moral of this story is?
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dont be ridiculous

but i guess you cant help it

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The marine

is gods representative on earth?

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arent we all supposed to be gods image.

so i guess yup the marine was now you get it

you really dont see it it was posted not as a true story but it could have been, but your posting says where your going with it.

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Of course he is!!!

Just ask any Marine! Semper Fi Happy Or the Mother of oneHappy

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Thank you, Mark

That was a nice story.

I seem to recall hearing it many moons ago, but had forgotten it. I enjoyed it once again.



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i heard it before allso evan if its not true it expresses

my view

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You believe

That you should punch out anybody that doesn't believe in God?

OK, Fine.

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Oh most certainly

when school teachers push their confused agenda on God and sexual preference they should be punched out.

It is their job and duty to teach, which implies giving both sides, not pushing the side they feel is best for them. That is brain washing my friend.

(What Marine? I didn't see any Marine hit the teacher.)

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His countdown got down to the last couple of
minutes when a Marine --

which implies giving both sides,
Perhaps he already taught the other side of the argument, then the marine (the one you didn't see) walked in and started swinging

Do you know which subject the professor (not a school teacher)was teaching?
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A silly argument gets an appropriate response.

The response has more thought in it than the professor's 'proof' on the existence of God. The professor got what he asked for. It's now up to him to prove that the blow did not come from God.

Extending the story to real life. What are the odds that the professor went screaming to the administration to get the student punished?

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The teacher should call the police.


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you need to get a sense of humor

to say you should realize it was a joke but it does have a good idea Grin

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So you do agree
it does have a good idea

If someone doesn't believe in god, you think you should punch them out.
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i'm just a'wondrin here

when you surf the net and arrive here, is there a sign hanging on your door?


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That's not what happened. The professor simply got

what he asked for. He just didn't know, when he asked, that there would be a real response. Food for thought?

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(NT) (NT) Ask and ye shall receive. :)
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your really funny

maybe you should offer to explain to the marine why he was wrong just wish i could watch Grin

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IT WAS A JOKE!!! Sheesh!

But, the terrorists do believe that if you disagree with them you should die!

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(NT) (NT) Semper Fi
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(NT) (NT) Heaven's streets are guarded by Marines :-D
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(NT) (NT) The teacher's a jerk, the marine is a common thug.
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(NT) (NT) and you need to lighten up
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It's not a light topic.

Or do you consider assaults by trained killers on teachers in their classrooms to be a laughing matter?


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you what?
assaults by trained killers on teachers in their classrooms

you have to be kidding us......

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(NT) (NT) How is such a thing funny to you?
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so you see Jud 15:15 as
big man slaughters a huge crowd with an improvised weapon

take a step back dan, inhale the good air....exhale the bad....repeat....

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(NT) (NT) What does Jud 15:15 state?
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jud 15:15 he (samson) took the jawbone of an ***, and slew a thousand men


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(NT) (NT) ROFLMAO@ jud 15:15

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