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Many Problems on my PC - Please Help!!!!!!!

I have using the following configured system currently. 1 GB Dynet RAM, 500GB Seagate HDD, Intel Duel Core Processer, Inter DG31PR motherboard and Galaxy GS8400 graphics card. Following issues I am getting frequently,

1) HDD making noise
a. While coming this noise, the system is hanging. But, keyboard lights are working fine. Only system is hanged. This noise is coming frequently between 10-15 seconds. So I am not able work anything while this noise came.
b. Also I fear for HDD failure. Because, I am having lot of important data on HDD.
c. Sometimes I reassembled the CMOS battery, RAM, HDD SATA power and SATA Cable after this noise came. After reassembled, sometimes the system is working fast and fine. Sometimes it is not.
d. Actually this is happening last 5 months.
e. This problem is Major for me.

2) RAM Slot Failure:
a. I bought that Intel motherboard in just 2 months before. Before one month all 2 RAM slots are worked fine. But one of Slot is failed to work. It is making PEEP sound while RAM inserted and trying to boot.

3) Display gone:
a. After HDD noise, system will be hanged very frequently. So i am giving restart and after system boot, only POWER LED is glowing. Display will not be there.

4) Tried Solutions:
a. I gave my CPU to one hardware Service Shop and they finally told, system is working fine. When I return back my PC from shop, my PC will work fast and fine for 2-3 weeks. But after sometimes PC will come to problems like HDD noise.
b. I gave 3 times to that shop while noise came and every time my PC was worked fine in their place. When I brought back to my home, it is started to making HDD noise.
c. Someone told like, HDD is making noise while it is accessing data with hardly.
d. Now I am working system by reassembling the some system components (CMOS battery, RAM, HDD SATA power and SATA Cable) and tried few times to boot while HDD noise came. Sometimes it will work fine after reassembling.

5) System Components Age:
a. Motherboard ? 2 months
b. HDD ? 11 months
c. RAM ? 20 months
d. Graphics Card ? 2 months
e. UPS ? 20 months
f. SMPS ? 20 months

So please give me solution for these issues.

Thanks for Advance to all.

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Reporting: Many Problems on my PC - Please Help!!!!!!!
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My suggestions;

Look for a techky friend and don't use that repair shop anymore. YOU NEED A NEW HARDDRIVE or did they put a new one in? Try solving one problem at a time. Sometime it might be cheaper just to get another computer.

You have a floppy drive? If yes, try booting up the computer in DOS. This way you will bypass the harddrive. That's how I do it when I check out a new computer. Computers are very complicated when you don't know what you are doing but it's very simple when you do.

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Check and verify

If data is critial then back-up now or ASAP in order to be safe with that. Next, any noise its best to follow your ear and check it out. You say its the HD, but if it was causing that much noise it would fail. If not the HD, it maybe simply vibration or resonance of metal when HD is accessing. Most minor noise is from HD but it should be very slight. Systems freeze for various reasons and if you're intense on PC usage, just give it some more time as you didn't state when it freezes during what process, like photo editing or such, what task is being done that seems to cause a freeze.

A possible cause of noise is the fan(s) within the system. Again, check operation that may allow fan to seize, etc. for it kicks in into a higher RPM, in order to cool the system. What about fan on video card, check it out. Are there other fans in case as well?

Clean the ram slots with alcohol and toothbrush or similar and allow to dry out, retry afterwards and check results. Review what you come across and report back.

tada -----Willy Happy

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