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Making a Vista installation disk

by Calgaryruss / January 19, 2008 1:36 AM PST

When I bought my Acer PC it didn't come with an OS disk. The shop guys said that I would have to create one when I got everything up and running. So Vista was pre installed and working fine but how do I make an installation disk ? I've already backed up evrything but is that the same ?

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I have a few Acers and
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / January 19, 2008 2:21 AM PST

Yes you do create the restore DVDs yourself. The instructions are in the paper you have to remove to get the laptop out of the box.

Be sure to try that or use the help system.

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Calgaryruss, no a backup it NOT the...
by glenn30 / January 19, 2008 2:26 AM PST

same as making a recovery disk for the operating system. Cannot say about Acer PC but my HP came with instructions for making a recovery disk(s) of operating system (Vista). Be sure to make a recovery disk(s) or it will be lost in the event of a catastrophe.

My suggestion is to visit the online help or support feature for Acer... should be able to find something there. Also if you received a manual or instructions, it should be covered there.

Hope this helps.


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Ok, Thx
by Calgaryruss / January 19, 2008 3:16 AM PST

Thx all, there were no instructions so I'll try Acer. Thought I might be missing something obvious.

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It's on the screen...
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / January 19, 2008 8:17 AM PST
In reply to: Ok, Thx

It's in that toolbar and in the Start, programs (sorry I don't know what to call Vista's new buttons.)

I own a pair of these Acers and made the restore DVDs. It took me about 3 minutes to find the menu to do it. Keep looking.


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Vista recovery disk. thx
by Calgaryruss / January 20, 2008 4:16 AM PST
In reply to: It's on the screen...

Thx, found it and it's done. For future reference start, all programs, Acer empowering technology, Acer e recovery management. It guides you in from there. It takes 2 x dvd's to do it and takes about and hour or so.
Thx all for the help.

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Vista recovery disk.
by have?? / January 23, 2008 2:30 AM PST

Thanks for the information, I found it.

I did solve the reboot problem, don't know how. I went to restore
and try to restore two days said unsucessful! Don't
know why I can not restore, but what ever happen it starts up fine
on reboot. Now if I really have a problem...don't know what I will do it I can not restore:(

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disadvantages of MS
by jolysmoke / January 25, 2008 5:20 PM PST

Your problem with start-up/recovery disks explains why I never went over to Windows from Mac post 1991.
I'm horrified to hear that MS and PC manufacturers are still too mean to provide you with system install and recovery disks after all these years. The idea of producing such a disk to save one from catastrophe was much too off-putting and psychologically unnerving. How would one be sure it wd work in the event of system collapse? For someone like me who expects their workhorse to be reliable it was a no-go. So I stuck with Apple through the desert years as they provided such disks automatically and recovering from collapse was pretty simple.
Incidentally the school did lend us an old PC with Windows 98. I watched 98 being installed goggle-eyed, it seemed so complicated in comparison to Macs. Later the PC caught a virus from a disk burnt on the Mac, a virus downloaded from the net that had never had the slightest effect on the Mac itself. The problem of reinstalling the system and cleansing it on the PC was too daunting for the potential rewards, so I stuck with OS8.6 and then OS9 on the Bondi blue iMac. But doubless the PC wreck in the attack increased the statistics of PCs "in use".
I am a creative person, not a garage mechanic. When my British BSA motorbike proved to need endless kick-starting or even running downhill to get it going, I bought one of the first Japanese Suzukis imported as they said it started first or second kick, which it proved to do. That guaranteed I kept my job and biking became fun, not a chore.

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System Restore Disks
by bowacl / January 28, 2008 10:01 PM PST
In reply to: disadvantages of MS

This reply has nothing to do at all with the post at hand. I am sure all are comforted by you being horrified for us poor Windows users problems though and the PC manufactures not providing us with these much needed restore disks, actually Toshiba, eMachines and Gateway still do and maybe more like Dell I think still does. Very unfair to accuse Windows users of not being creative.

Clearly one shoe does not fit all. The people in my circle (about 50 pc users) can't afford a Mac even if they wanted one, they tend keep their computers for 5-7 years, since XP I have done less and on allot no OS work on them compared to any prior versions of Windows. Machines have also become more reliable as I have only done one power box on a 3 yr old eMachines and a hard drive replacement on a 5 yr old one, in the past few years.

Nice touch adding in the Windows 98 install and virus. I guess if you visit shady sites online and open every email you get you may end up with one of them, I guess we are lucky as we have not had that problem.

I am creative, when my 1970 Honda motorcycle has any problems, I just have my husband fix it - he is a garage mechanic.

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Vista installation disk
by butch_274 / January 25, 2008 8:36 PM PST

I also have Vista on my Acer Laptop, basically what you need to do is make an Recovery Disc.

The way you do this if your machine is ON, RE-BOOT it at the same time hold the "ALT" and "F10" keys.

This will get you in the ACER eMANAGER Promt, then just follow the on-screen inscructions

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Acer recovery discs.
by moorwood / January 26, 2008 5:41 AM PST

Be careful or as the old saying goes be afraid be very afraid. I have an Acer and I dutifully made the discs. but when I came to use them they were blank. Acer wanted

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Try calling Acer for Vista OS discs
by forkboy1965 / January 26, 2008 9:08 AM PST

It is very common today for non-Apple laptop manufacturers to not include any sort of recovery media. It is simply a way to save them dollars. The real down side to creating your system restore DVDs (or CDs) is that if you use them it will put your computer right back to where it was when you purchased said laptop. In other words, all the crapware that came pre-installed will be returned and you'll be back to days of cleaning up your laptop. This situation would be true if the manufacturers included recovery media as well.

What I strongly suggest you do is contact Acer and INSIST they send to you the appropriate DVD for whatever version of Vista your laptop came loaded with. If they tell you that you are supposed to use the software to create recovery media tell them that creating recovery media won't allow you to use the Windows Recovery Console that helps you fix Vista OS problems WITHOUT having to reinstall the entire OS. You can only use the Recovery Console if you actually possess a Vista OS installation DVD(s).

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by mkrock / January 26, 2008 11:18 PM PST

I bought a new HP with Vista Home Premium and began the back up the OS disks, only to run into a problem. The first dvd went fine, but half way though the second dvd an error message appeared and wouldn't allow me to continue. I called HP and was told that I could purchase a set of the recovery disks for $16 (included tax and shipping). My actual preference is... to have a set of the OS disks made by the manufacturer of my pc, rather than one I would have made. I trust their manufacturing of the disks over mine! Give the manufacturer of your new pc a call and purchase a set from them. Better to be safe than sorry later on. Happy

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purchasing OS discs
by moorwood / January 26, 2008 11:32 PM PST

for over $100 from Acer I don't think so.

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vista recovery disk
by amaravarman / January 27, 2008 7:52 PM PST

I had bought an hp laptop before a week which is already loaded with windows vista. I have created recovery disk too.But after that my brother installed windows xp taking out vista. now i want vista. can i use that recovery disk to install vista or have to buy a new one.

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Yes... recovery disk should return it
by glenn30 / January 27, 2008 8:42 PM PST
In reply to: vista recovery disk

to factory condition as you received it. The recovery will wipe your hard drive... so make sure to backup any data you wish to keep.

Hope this helps.


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backing up
by moorwood / January 28, 2008 1:02 AM PST

every week I religiously backed up my computer on a separate hard disc, guess what when my computer crashed wiping all my data, I thought no problem when the computer was returned to factory condition I could reload my data, no such luck, it just won't have it, I'm told I should have gone for a drive image not a back up. I'm still not sure what one of these is. All I know is that I am glad all my photos and important documents are on CD

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Never had a problem...
by glenn30 / January 28, 2008 1:18 AM PST
In reply to: backing up

Importing data or picture files that I back up regularly to an external hard drive... also back up to CD-R and DVD-R. All of these work fine for me.


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back up
by moorwood / January 28, 2008 2:18 AM PST
In reply to: Never had a problem...

Any files I manually backup Glenn are not a problem. It is the scheduled backup that doesn't keep what I want. My separate hard drive has all these scheduled backups but when I tried to access them there is nothing there.

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One more schedule
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / January 28, 2008 2:54 AM PST
In reply to: back up

I use SYNCBACK on top of my other backup systems. Take a look...

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Thanks for explanation...
by glenn30 / January 28, 2008 3:51 AM PST
In reply to: back up

I did not fully understand your issue. I use VersionBackup (Free)to the external drive but sometimes do a manual for in between scheduled backups.

Hope you get it sorted and good luck.


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just to clarify
by moorwood / January 28, 2008 5:55 AM PST

I set my system to automatically back up every seven days via windows. I backed up on a separate hard drive. When I came to access these backups after a computer crash, nothing of any use was stored there. I do as you do and manually backup any important things. I am just pointing out that to rely on the windows automatic backup is not enough best wishes Ray

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Understand Ray...
by glenn30 / January 28, 2008 6:42 AM PST
In reply to: just to clarify

You are smart to rely on more than one backup method.

Those little tractors are beauties! Wink


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System restore cause system licensing inconsistancy
by joneb1999 / March 18, 2009 12:15 AM PDT

After doing a restore my friend got the above error coming up. Acer told him he should have made a recovery disk and he didnt realise it (I didn't). Now Acer wants

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Only if...
by John.Wilkinson / March 18, 2009 12:25 AM PDT

You have the exact same make and model of computer and are using the same OEM edition of Windows Vista. Otherwise he would continue to have licensing issues and may find that the operating system is incapable of loading because of the unexpected hardware. (The required drivers wouldn't be there.) In a situation where the recovery DVD was never created, the only options are to find someone with the exact make/model and copy his/her DVD or pay for a replacement disc.


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by joneb1999 / March 18, 2009 12:50 AM PDT
In reply to: Only if...

I think my friend will have to pay out. My machine was built to order in an independent shop so it is completely different from my friends acer so I reckon my OEM DVD will different too. I wouldnt want to cause licensing issues with my computer either if that can happen if I used my disk to recover his pc. Ah well. I think there needs to be some better regulation of this part of the industry for consumer protection.

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Just so I know.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / March 18, 2009 2:21 AM PDT
In reply to: Thanks..

How was the consumer harmed here? The machines come without the install media so you can make your own and those would be the LATEST VERSION available rather than something dated.

Also you can duplicate those for safe keeping.

I've heard similar stories about hot coffee.

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Buy it!
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / March 18, 2009 2:19 AM PDT

That's a bargain compared to the pain and costs of a new Vista DVD and license.

And I can safely bet you can't use your Vista DVD to fix this.

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That Vista DVD.
by dhrwfan / January 28, 2008 6:36 AM PST
In reply to: vista recovery disk

That Vista DVD you have will ALWAYS be recognized as the legal OS that came with your PC...

No matter what anyone does you can always put the DVD in the drive and restore the computer to the day you bought it...

Cheers: Jimmy ................Isn't that great news?

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losing your data after system restore
by jolysmoke / January 28, 2008 5:18 PM PST
In reply to: That Vista DVD.

Sorry to bore you PC men again, but I understand from what you say that if you restore your system with a recovery disk you lose all your work if you haven't backed it up. That is some loss! With my old iMac I reput in the system several times and never lost any files at all. It could clear the OS and put it in again with the files in the Document file (where one keeps one's own work) remaining untouched. Only once in the eight and a half years we kept the machine running did we lose any work and that was when I "Russianized" the system in the mistaken belief that i was downloading Russian fonts. Then the whole thing siezed up and the hard disk had to be wiped completely clean before the right system could be installed.

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System restore
by dhrwfan / January 29, 2008 4:57 AM PST

System restore and system recovery is not the same...

System restore does not delete files and folders.

System recovery deletes everything...

That is why we use saved images of operating avoid reinstalling all the software and drivers.

Hope I was clear.

By the way, I Windows XP repair reinstallation does not delete the files and folders but it is not the same as system recovery...

System recovery is almost the last straw when you just can't seem to fix the PC.

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