Drivers for motherboards, sound card, video and more are from the maker of the products. Some only learn this the hard way.

If you are having difficulty reading an old hard disk then that is another issue where I usually find the disk was not prepared with FDISK from pre-XP days. Recovery varies on the persons skills but I'll share a few quick fixes. Since I've already hit paragraph 2 I will not repeat web references I've posted in past responses.

1. Hook up the drives so they are noted in the BIOS. XP should be booting fine. Now boot up a Windows 98se boot diskette and ...

This rewrites the MBR and makes many drives appear on the next XP boot.

2. Boot up a KNOPPIX CD and copy out what files you need to recover to CDR or other places. KNOPPIX is found with Then prepare the drive with XP and use it.


PS. If you ask what is KNOPPIX, then I will not reply since I noted where to find it.