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Mail notification of updated thread

As I recall......when I got a mail notice of a thread I was following had been updated it would give me a hint as to what the thread was about.

Now all I get is this.
"Here are the latest posts in $alert.rssFeed.title:"

Note......there is nothing after title.
Is this normal?

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Reporting: Mail notification of updated thread
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(NT) Just a FYI. Me too and I've reported it up.
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This is a bug...

I believe this started last Wednesday Sad

I have reported the bug to our engineering team already, hopefully it is a quick fix.

"$alert.rssFeed.title" should be the title of the discussion thread.

Hang in there, and thanks for reporting it.


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Does time frame matter?

I'm tending to doubt it, but IF it does, I know for sure it started (for me) on Saturday, August 4th.

Putting the above aside, I'm "oh-so-glad" it's a bug. And not by design.

I'm not overly fond of it. Sad

Thanks to the Bob's for reporting it!

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Hmmm that is strange...

I noticed it last Wednesday--prior alerts from all the days before that came in for me weren't broken.

I'll update the bug to let the engineers know that it started earlier for some.

Thanks Carol!

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YAY!! ALL BETTER! No more ""alert.rssFeed.title" :)

And I couldn't be happier! Happy

Thanks to whichever "team" is responsible.


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Not ALL Better :(
$alert.rssFeed.title: is no longer in the tracking notificatione, but the subject is still missing. Or at least from where I sit it is.

My excitement got the better of me. Sad
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Mail notice

I don't know what it's suppose to look like but at least now I get a "clue" about the thread subject.
Discussions you are tracking in the CNET Forums have been updated.

Here are the latest posts in Mail notification of updated thread:

Not ALL Better Sad

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Re: Mail notice

bob b..

I was offline yesterday and I'm now just going through my tracking notifications. I see where the notification for your post (yesterday) reads:

"Here are the latest posts in Mail notification of updated thread":

Mail notice "

In the recent past it would have read "Here are the latest posts in $alert.rssFeed.title", without the topic included. I do think it's been fixed.

I hesitate saying it after my last faux pas on the 27th, but I'm (almost) sure it's now fixed. As in .. "ALL Better"
(I think I'll wait for the end of the day before adding "!!" after 'Better')


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Unfortunately this isn't fixed...

The current team who manages this has other higher priorities bugs to fix Sad

The reason you probably have some that come through with complete titles is that they are older threads that you have subscribed to prior to this bug coming about.

I'm hoping it will get fixed soon. Sorry for this bug!

Hang in there and thank you for your patience.


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Mmm. What are you considering "older"?

If it's not fixed, I'm quite happy with all the notifications I'm receiving. Old and New.

Oops. I was categorizing this thread (where the bug was reported) as new. Devil

Additionally, I created a thread in the Test Forum today titled "Testing Tracking" before posting this. I also started tracking the news thread at some point during the day. I didn't want to "rush to judgement" again.

My tracking notification (in part) reads:

'Discussions you are tracking in the CNET Forums have been updated.

Here are the latest posts in Testing Tracking:

Testing Tracking


Here are the latest posts in NEWS - August 29, 2012:

Radware Discovers New Trojan Keylogger Used in Attacks

'FIRST ever' Linux, Mac OS X-only password sniffing Trojan


Am I missing something? (I'm seriously asking)

But whatever happened (or didn't happen) they sure look like they used to me. I'm not going to insert a ⇒ Sad .. because this "bug" seems to be serving me very well. Grin

Maybe the "bug fix fairy" visited (only) me in the middle of the night?

OR .. maybe I did overlook the obvious and should wipe the egg off my face. (??)


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I think you're right Carol... this bug is fixed!

The engineers never updated the bug to let me know they fixed it, so I still thought it was broken.

I have a feeling that the system fixed itself, just like it broke on its own. Anyways, I'm not complaining, just glad to see it working again.

If any of you see the no title "$alert.rssFeed.title" again, please let me know.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

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The same thought crossed my mind..

'I have a feeling that the system fixed itself, just like it broke on its own'

However it happened, I'm glad it's back to the way it was before .. "it" happened. Grin

Thanks for your speedy reply...

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It's back
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It's back?

So sorry to hear it. Devil .......... ( Sad )

My reason for posting is two-fold.

• I'm not experiencing a problem here. Although, now that it's in print my luck might change.

• A test to see if this notification also has " $alert.rssFeed.title".

With fingers crossed it won't.


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Your post came through fine.
Discussions you are tracking in the CNET Forums have been updated.

Here are the latest posts in Mail notification of updated thread:

It's back?


Here are the latest posts in Windows 7 Gadgets:

Agree re security hole


Here are the latest posts in $alert.rssFeed.title:


Inside those limits I'm always picking THIS card.

Seems to be a hit and miss thing.

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Thanks Bob!

Looks like the bug is back.

I looked at your subscription and you have a couple newly tracked discussions that have no subject line.

I've reopen the bug for our engineers to investigate.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


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UPDATE: This is fixed

This time the engineers discovered the cause of the issue and will be monitoring this problem closely to ensure that if the problems occurs again, they will be able to address it sooner rather than later.

Again I apologize for this inconvenience and thank you all for your patience!


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