Hi Steve.

You have posted your email address, and I have asked CNET's Forum Admin to edit that out. Posting email addresses in any forums is tricky. There are forum robots, (bots), that trawl forums like these looking for email addresses so they can be spammed. I'm sure you don't need that.

In your laptop, if you goto Start > Control Panel and click the Accessibility options you will see two options;

1] Adjust the contrast for text and colors on your screen, and

2] configure Windows to work for your vision, hearing, and mobility needs.

You will need the second option.

However, I not convinced this is a Magnifier problem if it is only the Start menu list that shows large letters, so try this;

Right click the Start menu, and select Properties. In the Properties window, make sure the "Start Menu" tab is displayed, then click the "Customize" button for the Start menu. You will see options there for large icons and small icons. See if you have selected Large icons in error.

I hope that helps.