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Macbook will not recognise Pixma IP4600 printer

I've installed the printer with no problems but the Mac does not list it.
Help please.

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Reporting: Macbook will not recognise Pixma IP4600 printer
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Drivers from the manufacturer

Do they support the OS version that you are using, whatever that is?

Just because the CD came with the printer, does not mean that the driver on the CD will work with your version of the OS.

More details please


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A fact of life

A fact of life lesson people learn when they use a non-Windows OS for the first time, is that not every piece of junk electronic accessory sold will work. Printers being one of the most common things people have a problem to get working.

Makers of cheap electronics usually don't spend a lot of time on drivers. Driver development is like a big black hole for money. They'll get something that works more than it doesn't, and call it good enough. Usually they only make Windows drivers, because Windows users are largely idiots. Not that Mac users can't be idiots, it's just there's a bigger pool of idiots using Windows. So if you have a pool of 10,000 idiots who may buy your worthless product, or a pool of 1,000 idiots... If you figure only 5% of people are actually going to buy your product, would you rather have 5% of 10,000 or 1,000?

I mention all this, because for a couple of reasons. A) I see no mention of you installing any drivers or anything for the printer, B) so that you're not surprised by this sort of thing in the future, and C) so you hopefully learn something for the future.

Simply connecting the printer isn't enough, what else have you done? Be explicit, be verbose, we'll filter out what's useless info.

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printer issues

Hey Well if you have 10.5 or 10.6 your best option here is to not worry about any disk that may have come with the printer.
Plug the printer directly into the computer (just incase you were using wireless or through a hub) run software updates. The last 2 OS versions are really good at pulling down drivers. If this doesnt work (which would shock me) I would manually add it from printer preferences. Just hit the + button in there it should recognize it. hope this helps

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Macbook will not recognise Pixma IP4600 printer

Ran software update. Went to System Preferences, Print and and Fax -no printer listed. If I press +, nothing happens. All this with the printer connected by USB.

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Printer not recognised

This may be stating the obvious but the printer is connected to the mains and switched on?

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Macbook will not recognise Pixma IP4600 printer

Yes.The printer is connected to the mains and switched on

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If the + is unresponsive,

I would trash print and fax preferences (your user folder>library>preferences and relaunch the print and fax prefpane. Just in case, make sure your USB cable is OK. I would also try another USB port just in case.

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Printer not recognised

I would trash print and fax preferences (your user folder>library>preferences and relaunch the print and fax prefpane.

Can you explain in more detail how I achieve the above?

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Before doing that

Before doing that, why not explain in very explicit detail what exactly you have done from the first time you tried setting this printer up until now?

I have a feeling others here are leading you around on a (well intentioned) wild goose chase. So, before doing something that could have some unwanted side effects, why not take a step back and review everything you've done so that we're not working off of assumptions?

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not wild goose chase

i work for apple these are standard trouble shooting steps

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Except that everyone appears to have skipped right over the fact that at no point has the OP said anything about installing a set of drivers from a CD supplied with the printer, or downloading them from the website of the manufacturer. At this point, we haven't even established for certain that this printer will work with OS X at all.

I work for an AASP, admin the GSX account for the AASP, and am an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician. I likely have all the same training as you, and then some, because I have to actually perform the hardware repairs after I diagnose them. You're not going to impress me just because you work at some call center Apple contracts with, especially when you make some pretty classic support blunders.

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I installed from a CD supplied with the printer. The printer will work on my PC but not on the Macbook. On the mac I downloaded drivers from Canon's website which seemed to be successful.

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well if you work there than you should know that if you check on the site Kbase has a public list of compatible printer which this printer is on and is compatible like 99 percent of printers are compatible. But good show

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That's on the user

That's on the user. Not my problem if someone buys a printer that's not compatible with their system.

But you can't make assumptions about the person having installed drivers when they never explicitly said anything about that until I asked.

The next problem we have, is that the OP has never stated what version of Mac OS they're running. We know the printer is USB, so that means we can likely rule out systems older than about 2001, but that still leaves a rather large set of options to contend with. That would include OS 9 and OS X 10.0-10.6. If the OP is using say an original iMac running OS X 10.2, we would arrive at a source of the problem.

That is the second major blunder made by virtually everyone here.

And just FYI, no one cares if you work at a call center Apple contracts with. It's how many posts deep now and the OP has yet to mention what version of Mac OS they're using. And except for mrmacfixit, no one has even bothered to ask this very basic question. One of the first things you need to know, is at least the major OS revision. There's a big difference if we're talking about 10.0 and 10.6. Even if we're talking about 10.4 it'd be significant.

I was trying to be gracious about it, by requesting that the OP just start from the beginning and tell us everything they've done from start to present. Hoping that someone would catch on, but no one did.

At this point the OP seems rather disinterested in helping us help them, so if you want to play dentist and try and yank the info out of them, have at it. I value my time more than that. With luck you'll stumble onto the answer, because with the mistakes you've made so far, that's the best you can hope for.

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Operating sytem

I'm using 10.6. The Macbook is less than 6 months old.

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USB cable

I'll try to borrow a USB cable to find out if that is the problem.

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USB cable

I'll try another cable and see if that helps.
Thanks to all for your help so far.

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Success with new cable!!

Tried another cable and it worked.
Many thanks to all for your help.

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Not recognizing Pixma

Go to the Canon Website and download the latest software that Canon list for your type of computer and OS. It is free. Canon makes it real easy on selecting what driver and software for what OS. The download has a separate one for the driver and the software for your printer. I just downloaded the latest software for the Canon MP620. I often check the websites such as Canon for devices that may have updated their software and or drivers.

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