Don't go with a Mac if you want to run windows its true it can do it but your going to have to buy the license and dual boot to use it and in addition it isn't yet supported by apple so they can choose to help you or not if you have software issues. Anyways for small and portable I'm guessing you mean 14 inch's max and someone around 5-6 pounds max. In this range and with durability the IBM really is a good bet should be durable has the motion sensor just in case you drop it and good hardrive protection for just general use. The only problem you might have is more powerful stuff your talking about there with photo editing and data compiling is hardrive space. If about 100GB is big enough for you then go with the ibm if that isn't going to cut it you can check with dell but I really think for the ultraportable sony is also a great product anyways hope that helps